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Deconstructing the Online Donor Journey: The State of Modern Philanthropy 2020 [REPORT]

state of modern philanthropy

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Published July 14, 2020 Reading Time: 2 minutes

The State of Modern Philanthropy is back with fresh insights around online donor behavior.

Subtitled “Deconstructing the Online Donor Journey,” Classy’s 2020 report dives into topics such as conversion rates across campaign types, the additional ways recurring donors interact with organizations, and the actions of donors who come back.

Our third-annual report leverages proprietary data from 2018 and 2019, spanning over 40,000 active campaigns, nearly 4,500 organizations ranging in size, and 6.4 million transactions in order to surface insights for the entire nonprofit industry.

It also reviews 2019 holiday data, including Giving Tuesday insights—like our finding that 31% of Giving Tuesday donors return to make a second donation within six months. This proof point, as well as the success of recent #GivingTuesdayNow efforts in support of COVID-19 relief, highlight the opportunity to re-engage Giving Tuesday donors year-round, especially in the midst of global events taking place today.

The State of Modern Philanthropy

Grab your copy of the 2020 report for insights such as:

  • Conversion rates and donation sizes by campaign type
  • How time spent on campaign pages impacts conversion rates
  • The impact of suggested donation amounts
  • Second actions of different groups of donors
  • Retention rates by donation amount
  • And more!

At the end of each section, we include thought starters to help you apply the data to your own fundraising strategy. The report also includes a fundraising benchmarks worksheet, so you can easily compare your own organization’s results to others in the industry.

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Want to check out the 2019 report, too? Download The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019: Trends in Return Donor Behavior.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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