StayClassy Announces Major Improvements and New Features

Since our initial launch in 2010, we’ve been collecting feedback from our clients in an effort to continue developing a product that fulfills the fundraising management needs of the most successful nonprofit organizations. We have learned a lot from your feedback in this time and have been working hard to take action on your recommendations.

Today we’re excited to announce a fully revamped StayClassy! The new StayClassy includes some major improvements to existing features and the exciting addition of new tools and integrations. These improvements are the direct result of your feedback. Thank you for being an active partner in the growth of our product. We think you’ll enjoy what we’ve come up with!

Reporting Section

BEFORE: We provided access to event, campaign, donation, and fundraising reports, but it took us a little longer to load them than we would have preferred.

AFTER: We’ve worked hard to improve our speed, making your reports lightning fast! Fun fact, our average report load time improved by about 1500%!

BEFORE: It was pretty difficult to filter and segment the data you wanted to see within your reports.

AFTER: You can now filter your reports any way you want. You can explore and drill as deep into your reports as you’d like.

You also now have the ability to do whatever you please with the data you’ve filtered. You can export segmented data into Excel, MailChimp, or directly to E-mail with the push of a button.

New Features

BEFORE: It was sometimes confusing when donors were taken to an entirely different site during the donation checkout process.
AFTER: With domain masking, your donors don’t have to see the StayClassy URL at all! You can use your own website’s URL for all of your StayClassy pages; donors will never think they left your site.
BEFORE: Donors only had the basic options for supporting your organization: making a monetary donation, volunteering, or fundraising.

AFTER: With 3rd party events, your supporters are able to host, organize and throw events benefiting your organization. They’re given the ability to create event pages and sell their own tickets, but you retain control of the branding, distribution of gifts, and how much of the ticket purchase goes to the cost of event and how much gets donated.

BEFORE: We knew that knew that you needed to communicate with donors to build and maintain relationships capable of sustaining your organization, but we weren’t giving you enough options to reach your large supporter base.

AFTER: With our MailChimp integration, all of your donors, fundraisers and supporters’ contact information can be sent automatically to MailChimp, a robust email-marketing service that allows users to design e-mail campaigns, share them on social networks and track results.

BEFORE: It was hard to know what on your fundraising page was grabbing supporters’ attention, and what was getting passed over.

AFTER: With Google Analytics integrated into your admin area, you can now track conversions on your StayClassy pages in the same account that you track your organization’s website traffic. Figure out what your supporters are responding to; all you need is your Google Analytics ID.

Resource Center

We’ve realized that the most successful organizations are the ones that have deep knowledge of the nonprofit industry and fundraising best practices. We’ve integrated our StayClassy Resource Center into the Admin area in order to make it easy for you to access our latest Guides, Blog Posts and Webinars, all focused on providing you with the latest tips and techniques in the world of fundraising.

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