StayClassy Co-Founder and Mom to be Honored

What: Taste of Hope, A Wine & Food Tasting Event in Honor of the ‘2013 Ambassadors of Hope’

When: Sunday, November 3rd from 4:00 – 7:00 PM

Where: University Club in Downtown San Diego

To RSVP, please click here.

StayClassy co-founder Scot Chisholm and his mother Debra Chisholm have recently been named the 2013 “Ambassadors of Hope” by City of Hope ‘s San Diego Women’s Council. The annual award is presented to a member of the San Diego community who “has brought inspiration and been an example for others in the fight against cancer, diabetes and HIV/AIDS.” The whole team here at StayClassy is incredibly proud of Scot and his mom, especially because the story of StayClassy is inextricably intertwined with their story…

When Scot was in high school, his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer twice. Her treatment was successful, but brutal. And the memory of that trying time stuck with Scot and the rest of his family, as it does with the countless other families facing similar circumstances.

After college Scot decided to make his way from Boston to sunny San Diego. He did all the typical things a young east-coast transplant does when arriving in San Diego. He surfed poorly, partied liberally, and started figuring out his initial career path. But with the memory of his mother’s struggle never far from his mind, he also decided that he wanted to do something to support the fight against breast cancer.

In the spirit of the San Diego beach community, Scot and his roomates decided to start a pub crawl to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Inspired by the Anchorman character Ron Burgandy’s famous sign off line “You stay classy San Diego,” they named the event the “Stay Classy Pub Crawl” and raised a modest, but meaningful, $1,000 for the ACS.

That first pub crawl turned into a series of other local events, each with a philanthropic twist. As smaller events turned into larger ones (including a 5,000 person music festival headlined by Matisyahu) the burgeoning StayClassy team developed a simple online ticketing and fundraising application to help facilitate fundraising at its events. This was the start of StayClassy as an online fundraising platform.

Throughout the years, StayClassy has been fortunate enough to help thousands of nonprofits. Although our mission has expanded, as an organization we continue to be dedicated to the fight against cancer through our support of several of the top cancer organizations in the world, including City of Hope.

This is why Scot & Debra (and the whole StayClassy team) are on a mission to raise $25,000 for City of Hope’s cutting edge breast cancer research by November 3rd (the day of the Taste of Hope event). We’re off to a great start, but could use your help!

To check out the fundraising page, please click here!

And if you’re going to be in or around San Diego on November 3rd, considering joining us at the event. We’d love to see you in person!

To RSVP for the ‘Taste of Hope’ event, please click here!

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