4 Storytelling Tips From Charity: Water’s Brand Content Lead [VIDEO]

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Ellie Burke

For years I thought that good stories came from good storytellers. But as I’ve gotten older and I’ve had the opportunity to hear more stories, I wonder if the two are actually different things….

Tyler Riewer

Tyler Riewer, brand content lead at charity: water, opened his talk at the 2018 Collaborative, Where Do Good Stories Come From?, with this quote. What he’s getting at is that you don’t have to be a naturally born storyteller in order to tell a scintillating story: with the right strategy and knowhow, we can all learn to flex this muscle.

Onstage, he discusses what it means for those in the nonprofit space to create an effective story that pulls in audiences and inspires them to take action. He draws upon his personal experiences from his life, time in advertising, and career with charity: water to outline four main storytelling tips for the audience:

Charity: Water's Brand Content Lead shares storytelling tips on stage at the Collaborative

Access the free charity: water video to learn:

  • How to illustrate a “hero’s journey” to drive engagement
  • How to help your story stand out among others
  • The power of hope in storytelling
  • How to leverage stories of human impact and transformation
  • Why it’s important to create a sense of investment

Charity: water will be making another big splash at the 2019 Collaborative as Scott Harrison, CEO and founder of the organization, joins Classy CEO and co-founder Scot Chisholm for a virtual fireside chat during the opening keynote. Together, they will discuss how leaders can work together to drive the social sector forward with hyper-transparency at its center.

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