5 Ways to Streamline Nonprofit Team Fundraising

By Will Schmidt
Reading Time: 5 minutes

We like to think of people like Elon Musk as individuals who change the world on their own. The reality is that Musk has entire teams of people supporting his goals. Tesla has over 14,000 employees and SpaceX has around 5,000.

If there’s anything we can take away from the success of his two companies, it’s that operating as a team makes us strong. Teams have one objective, and all members give 100 percent effort to achieve it. Teammates motivate each other because the only way they can reach their goal is together.

“There is a reason the Seattle Seahawks are called a football team and not a football group,” says the Healthy Life Experiment. “Because a team has discipline, a team has motivation, a team has work ethic, a team has heart, and a team has drive.”

When it comes to fundraising, teams also perform better than individuals for these exact reasons. However, you have to ensure that your team fundraising processes are optimized for efficiency so you can make the strongest impact possible.

Here are five ways you can streamline your team fundraising for success.

The Headline Says It All

A strong headline drives people to read articles, engage with social media, or watch videos. Similarly, the headline for your fundraising campaign is what encourages action.

What’s problematic is that most headlines are written too quickly and often as an afterthought. The headline is literally the first thing people read about your campaign. According to Colombia University, the headline is perhaps even more important than any other content you write.

So, what makes a good headline?

  • Use power words to evoke emotion
  • Try to stick between 6 and 8 words, or about 65 characters
  • Incorporate numbers into your headline
  • Ask questions using “why, what, and how”

News articles are a good frame of reference for what a good headline looks like. Consider the following, as seen on Copypress’ analysis of bad headlines:

“Infusion Partners With Anheuser-Busch to Accelerate Business Innovation Using Microsoft Hololens”

Now look at one Copypress thinks is “gold”:

“Eminem Terrified As Daughter Begins Dating Man Raised On His Music”

Your fundraising campaign will have a plethora of headlines across emails, landing pages, team pages, and donation pages. If you need extra help writing good headlines, consider using a headline analyzer to optimize your copy for audience engagement.

Welcome to the Team

When people take the time out of their day to join your team fundraising campaign, welcome them. This is an opportunity to start building rapport with your supporters. Never forget that they’re helping you achieve your goal.

Also look at your welcome as a chance to motivate team members right out of the gate. Reiterate your motivation for the fundraiser, and anticipate some FAQs new team members might have in your welcome:

  • What’s special about your team fundraising initiative?
  • How can team members help the most?
  • What are your fundraising milestones?
  • Are there any incentives for top fundraisers?
  • Who should new team members reach out to for maximum impact?
An example of an appeal email in Classy’s Fundraising Suite

*PING* You’ve Got Mail

As your campaign progresses, your fundraising team will hit major milestones and drive donations. Make sure that each and every supporter feels the scope of the impact they’ve created by emailing them directly.

While it’s logistically impossible to monitor your campaign 24/7, write emails, and send them to each supporter, Classy’s new Fundraising Suite can help. We built in the option to customize specific notification emails.

Based on certain triggers, like comments, campaign donations, or new team member signups, emails can be sent immediately and directly to the relevant parties. All you have to do is set it up and focus on what matters: driving as many donations as possible.

A view of the Email Dashboard in Classy’s Fundraising Suite

These emails are an extension of your overall campaign, so be sure the language and aesthetic is in line with your mission. You can customize them so they:

  • Match all colors to your campaign and nonprofit
  • Have your nonprofit logo in each email
  • Showcase photos of your organization
  • Contain buttons to “Donate”, “Post Updates”, or “Join Fundraising Teams”

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer

Just as important as your headline are the photos you decided to incorporate into your campaign. One of the first things you should do is post a picture of your beautiful, smiling face. People are more likely to donate if they can see who you are.

Second most important is to add in your logo. Be recognizable by using a consistent logo across fundraising pages, emails, and other design aesthetics.

Easily upload your campaign logo in Classy’s Campaign Designer

To build out the rest of your page, try to use photos you’ve taken yourself. This lends a genuine sense of legitimacy to your campaign, which encourages supporters to sign on to your mission.

Having good photos also takes your campaign beyond the world of text and puts it in reality. Here are some photography best practices to help you curate great imagery:

  • Always focus on high resolution photos
  • Never use tiny images
  • Leave some white space—aka breathing room—around your photos

Girls Who Code is a great example of how to use photography well.

Girls Who Code Landing Page built with Classy

Update, Update, and Then Update Again

Social media pages that don’t post regular updates lose followers. That sentiment is just as true for your fundraising campaign page.

Show your love for your campaign, your supporters, and the hard work everybody is doing by regularly updating your main page. The more active you are, the more active and inspired your team members will be. It’s as simple as:

  • Thanking them for their hard work
  • Blogging your personal thoughts about the campaign
  • Adding new photos
  • Putting up motivational quotes
  • Announcing milestone achievements
  • Specific shout outs to top fundraisers

Check out the Pawsitive Change Prison Inmates page to see a long list of well-written and powerful updates:

Screenshot of an update from Pawsitive Change’s Classy Campaign Page


We’re all familiar with the saying that there is no “I” in team. Streamlining your team fundraising embodies the spirit of this phrase and unlocks the potential for every member to truly operate in unison.

The end result is more engagement, stronger fundraising, and beaucoup donations toward your overall goal. What best practices have worked for your fundraising team? Let us know in the comments!

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