What Makes a Successful Fundraising Campaign?

By Will Schmidt
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Whether it’s blowing your campaign goal out of the water, acquiring new donors, or growing your number of recurring donors—there are many ways to measure a successful fundraising campaign.

To that end, here at Classy, we stay on top of the most effective fundraising techniques that drive success. To help you take advantage of these strategies, we’ve investigated 10 successful campaigns and put together some lessons for you.

The Campaigns

In each example, we introduce the organization and walk you through the tactics they used to create a powerhouse campaign. We then highlight takeaways for you to consider planning your next campaign.

Here’s a snapshot of the organizations and takeaways included:

We’re always learning from our nonprofit partners and their ingenuity. If any of these successful fundraising campaigns grab your attention, or they hit close to home for your organization, make sure to download the guide below for a deep dive into how it’s done.

The Anatomy of a Successful Fundraiser

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