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How Your HubSpot Classy Integration Can Accelerate Nonprofit Success

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Published November 23, 2021 Reading Time: 5 minutes

You’re reading a guest post from Corie Stark of Syncsmart.io, a Classy partner supporting nonprofits to establish and optimize their Hubspot integrations.

When a typical business looks at its tech stack, it sees a slew of data. Contacts, companies, and quotes all translate to MQLs, SQLs, revenue, and growth. 

Yet…what if you’re a nonprofit? What do you see? 

Your converted donations could mean an end to cancer, empty animal shelters, or affordable housing for all. 

You may also see a disconnect between your donors and organizational outcomes. How do you reach the donors who share your vision? How do you unlock the generosity that’s within them? 

The answer lies within a platform built for giving, a system created for personalized interactions—a unification of the two.

Dive Into Donor Behavior Trends for Giving Season

How Does Classy Connect to Hubspot?

You may wonder how a Classy and HubSpot integration can connect your vital CRM with your much-needed marketing automation tool to help you leave your imprint on the world. They’re seemingly just systems in a world desperate for change.

Explore the Classy Hubspot Integration

The Classy and Hubspot integration allows for a back-and-forth, seamless transfer of the data that matters. Systems are aligned. Teams are happy. You can dig into the information you need in one place and launch a fundraising effort that resonates.

Benefits of a Classy Hubspot Integration

A Classy HubSpot integration allows you to cut through the overwhelming amount of data generated by your organization, put a face to each donor’s name, and keep your mission alive. It can empower organizations that seek to create meaningful change.

Not sold quite yet? Allow us to dig in a little more by expanding on a few topics.

A Deeper Look at What a Classy HubSpot Integration Is 

While it’s fun to get starry-eyed and talk romantically, sometimes there’s a need to get more technical. So, here it goes: A Classy HubSpot integration is a bi-directional cloud-based integration solution. An integration like this syncs Classy members, supporters, transactions, and recurring donation plans to related fields in HubSpot. It also syncs recently updated HubSpot contacts to existing Classy donations. 

In simpler terms? 

When someone becomes a donor in Classy, their HubSpot record is created and updated with all the appropriate information to reflect this. When fields change in HubSpot, fields change in Classy. Classy donations and recurring donation plans sync to HubSpot deals and vice versa in real time. 

Here’s a breakdown of what information our integration can seamlessly transfer:

  1. Classy Supporters to HubSpot Contacts 
  2. Classy Transactions to HubSpot Deals 
  3. Classy Recurring Donation Plans to HubSpot Deals 
  4. HubSpot Contacts to Classy Supporters 
  5. HubSpot Deals to Classy: Transactions 
  6. HubSpot Deals to Classy: Recurring Donation Plans 

Essentially, what happens in one system happens in the other. This type of alignment may be considered necessary when the world is calling on you to help fund cancer research. 

Why Does This All Matter? 

If you’re asking yourself the above question, you probably hit “skip intro” on our blog.  Luckily, we have a recap feature. 

A Classy HubSpot integration helps you accelerate your status as a changemaker.

No matter your nonprofit’s mission, a Classy HubSpot integration does numerous things to reach these end goals. 

Gain Efficiency and Organization with Integrated Nonprofit CRM Software 

By combining the vital information in your Classy with the power of HubSpot, you can: 

  • Create sales and marketing alignment. Sales teams spend most of their time in nonprofit CRM systems, while HubSpot marketers use the platform daily. When changes are immediately syncing back and forth, both teams will better understand what the other is doing. This increases communication and understanding of what’s happening. 
  • Keep donor data clean and safe. With every integration project, you’ll need to select a record system or your authoritative data source. Most often, this will be your Classy instance. Doing this ensures none of your future data is duplicated or eroded. 
  • Launch fundraising campaigns from HubSpot. Classy only holds information about your donors and their donations. HubSpot gives you the power to reach them at the perfect time. With this integration, you can start and track integral fundraising lead nurtures directly from HubSpot – with all the correct information built in. 
  • Personalize your campaigns. Building on the last point, you can send better, more personalized marketing campaigns with a Classy HubSpot integration. For example, with your donor information from Classy and the personalization tokens from HubSpot, you can email well-timed follow-up donation requests that include a person’s first name and other tidbits of data that will resonate with them. 
  • Segment your lists. A Classy HubSpot integration provides all the information you need to segment your lists (i.e., first-time donors, repeat donors, donors who haven’t donated yet) so you can better target your contacts. 
  • Use closed-loop reporting. Closed-loop reporting allows you to thoroughly analyze all your campaigns from start to finish and make improvements. Likewise, you can mash up the data and analyze it however you like with HubSpot’s data add-on. Your reporting will be fuller and more personalized than ever before.

When you consolidate your nonprofit data into a single location, you can make better-informed decisions in less time. You can gather the insights to predict your organization’s needs and the actions of all your donors. 

Simple Steps to Take on Your Journey to a Classy HubSpot Integration 

How do you get to the land of giddy team members and connected systems, though? There are a few valuable tips to consider if you want to ensure a smooth path to a seamless tech stack: 

1. Find a partner – or go it alone: If you have a development team, they can work on combining systems and syncing donor data between them. You can work with a partner like SyncSmart by downloading a packaged integration or brainstorming a more custom project if you don’t have the resources on hand. 

2. Establish your goals: You already know what your nonprofit’s mission is. What are your objectives when it comes to combining your systems? Outlining them can help you on track as you embark on an integration project. Try asking questions like: 

    • Why are we doing this? 
    • What is the timeline? 
    • What is our budget?
    •  How will we measure success? 

3. Clean all donor data: Integration and dirty data do not mix. Review all donor information and combine duplicate records, delete unneeded records, remove invalid email addresses, and perform other edits to ensure your records are valid. 

4. Keep your team in the know: Make sure everyone in your nonprofit, especially those who will use your integration, is up to date with what’s going on. Detail your objectives to them and inform them of anything they need to do for a successful launch. Often, this will involve training, which a partner can undertake on your behalf. 

5. Go live and iterate over time: Launch your integration after rigorously testing and resolving any bugs. Then expand functionality over time and experiment with new pieces, like creating lead nurtures directly in HubSpot, as your team familiarizes themselves with the aligned systems. 

6. Most importantly: Remember all the people you can help. 

An integration isn’t supposed to be something scary or overly “techy.” It’s intended to unite your Classy and HubSpot solution to change the world. Your tech stack – your Classy HubSpot integration – can centralize all your critical donor and fundraising information. It can securely connect all your nonprofit data with your marketing activity records. 

It can heighten your status as a changemaker.

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