How to Support Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

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The Current Situation in Nepal

UPDATE: 5/12/2015: This morning, another 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal. The New York Times reports at least 37 people were killed and more than 1,100 injured. This new tragedy is devastating to relief efforts and thousands of already displaced people.

UPDATE: 5/1/2015: “Towns near epicenter have suffered almost total devastation.” The BBC is now reporting over 6,000 people killed, with many more injured, unaccounted for, and homeless.

Just as the Western Hemisphere rose on Saturday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the small country of Nepal. Relief efforts have been swift but challenging. Waves of strong aftershocks and damaged infrastructure have made rescues and the distribution of supplies difficult, and many people are sleeping outside for fear of more collapsed structures. The death toll has risen above three thousand people, with many more injured and displaced. Aid organizations working in the area need support to ensure they are able to overcome the hurdles before them and deliver vital supplies and services to those who need it most.

How You Can Support the Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

There are many organizations working in the region, but here some Classy partners that need your support immediately. Click the name of the nonprofit to donate directly to their Nepal earthquake effort:

Action Against Hunger

1 in 3 Nepali children under five are malnourished. ACA has worked in Nepal since 2011 to help feed more than 3,000 people. ACA teams are on site in Nepal assessing damage and needs and are looking to provide immediate access to drinking water and high energy food, as well as basic shelter and hygiene necessities.

All Hands Volunteers

All Hands Volunteers address immediate and long-term needs of communities affected by natural disasters. Their first DART member (Disaster Assessment Relief Team) is scheduled to arrive in country April 28 to start the assessment process. They’re looking to get boots on the ground to provide life-saving support to communities in the aftermath of the earthquake.


Avaaz is a global activist network. They have partnered with a local Nepali nonprofit that specializes in engineering and construction, called Abari, to raise money so they can supply and construct tents for the hardest hit remote areas.

CHOICE Humanitarian

CHOICE Humanitarian aims to eradicate poverty through community models that build self-reliance and self-development. Their work in Nepal has led to impressive economic growth and improved living standards, but the need in the area is still desperate.

Global Volunteer Network

GVN supports local community organizations through the placement of volunteers from all over the world. They’ve worked in Nepal since 2004 and are working with a partner organization to provide assistance at the grassroots level.

Heifer International

Heifer International has been improving food security worldwide for decades. They empower families to engage in sustainable agriculture and commerce and strengthen their communities for the long-term. Heifer has worked in Nepal since 1977 and will be actively involved in immediate needs and long-term rebuilding efforts. We are saddened to say that Heifer reported serious loss in the areas where they operate. “The worst damage is in the Dhading and Nuwakot districts where 80 percent and 90 percent of mud-and-brick households were either damaged or collapsed, respectively,” they wrote.

International Development Exchange

The International Development Exchange focuses on driving grassroots solutions to deep-rooted social and systemic injustices. The organization is working with partners in Nepal that specifically address the needs of indigenous women in rural areas.


Mission14 is an organization that brings awareness to human trafficking through extreme mountaineering expeditions. They partner with organizations around the world that are actively engaged in rescuing and rehabilitating victims of human trafficking. Mission14 was at Everest basecamp when the earthquake hit, triggering a massive avalanche. Thankfully, their team is safe. In light of the situation in Nepal, they put their spring climb on hold and refocused their energy to provide immediate, on-the-ground assistance to quake victims.

Operation USA

Operation USA is an international relief agency that responds to natural disasters, disease and poverty. They have worked in 99 countries in the last 37 years and were even the co-recipient of the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize. Operation USA has worked in Nepal since the 1980s, delivering much-needed medicine to the Kanti Children’s Hospital Kathmandu.


Oxfam is an international confederation of nonprofits with a diverse range of programs to eradicate poverty. In addition to those programs, the organization has long-provided emergency relief efforts for everything from natural disasters to civil wars. Oxfam will be delivering clean water and hygiene equipment to Nepali earthquake victims.


Since 2006, Possible has provided healthcare to Nepal’s most remote regions. Their clinics and large network of Nepali community health workers are vital to the communities in the areas where they operate. Possible is partnering with the America Nepal Medical Foundation to provide direct medical relief where it’s needed most.

Project Concern International

PCI is an international aid organization focused on disease prevention and community health. In partnership with AmeriCares and Build Change, they are delivering much-needed medical supplies to Nepal earthquake victims.


Samahope is a crowdfunding platform that directly funds individual doctors’ critical work. They work with Nepali doctors to ensure their respective communities get the high-quality healthcare they need. Many health facilities were destroyed in the earthquake, and Samahope is looking to provide both immediate medical needs and longer-term rebuilding support for its local medical partners in Nepal.

Share and Care Foundation

The Share and Care Foundation has a long history of providing immediate and long-term rebuilding support in the wake of natural disasters in South Asia. Their disaster response team will provide sustained assistance to communities in Nepal.

Team Rubicon

Team Rubicon deploys American military veterans for emergency relief efforts across the globe. Their first mission was in response to the Haiti Earthquake in 2006, and they have since responded to both domestic and international emergencies with a military level of expertise. Their team deployed to the region on Sunday and will need continued financial support to ensure they can carry out their work in the area.

Watts of Love

Watts of Love distributes solar-powered lights to remote and underdeveloped communities across the globe. They have partnered with an organization in Nepal to send 1,000 lights to victims of the earthquake. They need assistance to send a Watts of Love disaster response team to Nepal and distribute the much-needed solar lamps.

World Concern

World Concern is an international aid organization that works on everything from hunger relief to emergency response. They are currently providing immediate assistance to earthquake survivors, including water, shelter, and emergency supplies. The organization is also planning long-term support and rebuilding efforts.

World Food Programme

The World Food Programme is a long-standing relief organization that provides desperately needed food to the world’s most vulnerable communities. The WFP is delivering emergency aid to Nepal right now, including logistics, IT, and food.

We will continue to update this list with our nonprofit partners as they continue to build out fundraising campaigns in the wake of this disaster. We know this will be an ongoing effort that requires support far beyond immediate emergency services in the coming weeks and months. Our thoughts are with the Nepali people and all those involved in relief and rebuilding efforts.

Photo Credit: McKay Savage

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