The 50 Best and Most Inspiring Tweets from #Nonprofit Leaders

By Terri Harel
Reading Time: 5 minutes

With all the real-time chatter happening on Twitter, it can be increasingly difficult to filter quality messages from the noise. The Twitterverse pumps out 58 million tweets per day, so when you listen to the right conversations and surface a good tweet, it can feel like you’ve mined a nugget of digital gold.

Whether it provides a jolt of inspiration, a gripping statistic, or a sound piece of advice, an engaging tweet can add to your learning as a social citizen. Keeping this in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of 50 standout inspiring tweets from leaders in the social sector. Have a read and see what industry influencers are saying!

The value of an engaging tweet – for both fundraising communities and nonprofit organizations – can be tremendous. If you have any other ideas, influencers, or comments, tweet us!

The BIG Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits

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