The Evolution of the Classy and Salesforce Integration

Classy and Salesforce Integration

Deciding what products to integrate with a platform and how to do it is no easy feat. The Classy team has worked hard with our partners at Salesforce to create an integration to make fundraising and donor management a more streamlined process. The result is a seamless solution for managing data from your fundraising platform along with the contacts and information held in your donor management tool. We believe this integration combines two powerful and best-in-class software solutions. Sort of like if Batman and Superman merged their super powers to do good.

To better understand why Classy joined forces with Salesforce and what we learned along the way, we sat down with the lead engineer of the Salesforce and Classy integration for a quick coffee and a handful of questions.

Click on the image below (or here) to read the full interview with Tim Gumto, the man behind the Classy and Salesforce integration magic:

Classy and Salesforce Integration interview

We at Classy are eager to keep refining our product and integrations to accelerate and elevate the work of nonprofits and social enterprises.

Interested in learning more about the Classy and Salesforce integration? Check out our resource bundle of all things related to this integration or contact us to connect with one of our fundraising strategists.

Classy and Salesforce resource page

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