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The Value of Being a Certified Classy Partner


By Contributing Author

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Professional partnerships form for a number of reasons.

Here at CauseMic, we view our partnership with Classy as a mutual vote of confidence in each other’s work and product.

As the first Classy Certified Strategic Partner in the nation, we knew Classy provided the donor and user experience we wanted for all of our nonprofit clients, and Classy knew our services could amplify and optimize a nonprofit’s fundraising efforts on their platform.

Benefits of Classy Partnership

Classy is our company’s preferred fundraising platform for a number of reasons:

  • User Experience: From the nonprofit’s perspective, the platform allows fundraising campaigns to be propped up in just minutes. The backend is easy to learn and easy to use. From the donor’s perspective, the platform is visually appealing and allows donations to be made in seconds. It was designed with donor behavior in mind, and consequently, it maximizes funding potential for the nonprofit.
  • Customization: Classy understands that every one of their clients has different needs. They know it’s important to allow nonprofits to express their brand throughout the entire giving experience, and the platform allows organizations to customize various elements of each fundraising campaign to make it their own.
  • Superior Customer Support: We’ve been blown away by Classy’s customer support. They’re helpful, friendly, professional, and—in the rare cases that they have bugs—they’re open and transparent about those issues and get them fixed immediately.
  • Salesforce Integration: In the day and age of data, it’s critical that a nonprofit’s fundraising platform integrates with Salesforce, the leading database and customer relationship management system. This allows nonprofits to track donors and actually make interactions with donors more personal and meaningful.

For us, there’s no other fundraising platform that combines all of these elements with the same quality and care as Classy.

Our partnership with Classy also provides us with more opportunities to do what we love: help nonprofits fund the causes they care about.


Classy refers clients to us because they know our strategic and tactical support of digital fundraising campaigns, deep knowledge of the Classy platform, and proven track record with clients such as Movember, Athletes 4 Cancer, and Selamta Family Project can take nonprofits’ fundraising efforts to a whole new level of success. The trust they have in each of their partners is paramount.

Certification Badge

Once you complete the Classy University certification course, you can promote your official Certified Partner status to potential clients in order to reinforce your proficiency of the platform.


Another way Classy promotes their partners is through co-marketing opportunities. As a partner, you can co-create content for the Classy blog, social media, and webinars. It’s an incredible chance to present your ideas to Classy’s audience of more than 1,500 clients, 11,000 Twitter followers, 53,000 Facebook followers, and nearly 5,000 LinkedIn followers. That’s some great exposure.

Net-Net Plus Effect

Our deep understanding of the Classy platform has allowed us to strategically craft fundraising campaigns that leverage the platform to its greatest potential. Ultimately, this means we can help nonprofits raise more money and awareness to power their programs.

We take pride in that, and it’s a mission we will continue to pursue, with Classy by our side.

Matt Scott is the Chief Development Officer at CauseMic, Classy’s first Certified Strategic Partner in the nation. With Matt’s leadership, CauseMic has raised more than $6 million for their nonprofit clients on the Classy platform. Contact him on Twitter at @Cause_Mic to learn how CauseMic can help you leverage the Classy platform to raise awareness and money online.

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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