The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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Live Updates from the Nonprofit Technology Conference
NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference is currently going on in Washington D.C. The three-day long event hosts a range of plenary sessions, workshops and discussion groups focusing on nonprofit technology and best practices.

Can TOMS break into the coffee business?
Almost everyone has heard of TOMS shoes. The company that popularized the one-for-one model has been going a lot of changes over the last couple years and, in the latest such example, is trying to break into the world of coffee.

A Billionaire Philanthropist Who’s Big on ‘Patriotic Giving’
What does someone with $3 billion do with all that money? One billionaire philanthropist is donating millions and millions to projects in the public sector – he has even personally given money to restore the Washington Monument. Read up on “patriotic giving” and what it means for American society as a whole.


Updates and news from Austin, TX
How Small Groups Can Spark Innovation
Every year, SXSW brings together innovators, musicians, artists, tech geeks, nonprofit leaders and enthusiasts to Austin, Texas. The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides a recap of some SXSW takeaways for nonprofits.

#GivingTuesday: The Sharknado of Giving
A recap of a breakout session on #GivingTuesday, moderated by Stanford Professor Rob Reich. the session explored the #GivingTuesday movement and what it means for the future of philanthropy.

Build Campaigns that Build Super Fans
Susan Chavez provides great posts all year long, but this link (and the one below) are two more great articles to add to her repertoire of content – direct from SXSW.

The 5 P’s of Online Video
Have you been thinking about using video for your next campaign? Give these a read first.

Foundations and Social Impact

Impact Investing Gains Traction with Big Institutions
Impact Investment is becoming a more popular buzz word these days, even with larger, more mainstream voices.

Developing a Culture of Knowledge Management
Here is a really interesting piece from (surprise, surprise!) Stanford Social Innovation Review about the kinds of data Foundation should be utilizing to improve their strategies and decision-making. Important read for anyone in the Foundation or grant-making sector.

Applications from Business

Ideas from the business world that work for nonprofits, too.
6 Marketing Strategies to Learn from Barack Obama
Redditing and YouTube videos are among the list of White House marketing tactics that any business or nonprofit might want to take pointers from.

Mobile Optimization and Relevant Content is a Necessity
We’ve talked about mobile before on this site, but the topic keeps coming back more and more frequently. Here are some tips from awesome e-mail marketing and analytics tool, Litmus, on the power of the mobile-content marriage.

8 Fresh Customer Service Ideas Worth Stealing
KISSmetrics does it again with their great tips and tricks on marketing. While nonprofits don’t usually have “customers” in the traditional sense of the word, these support ideas are extremely relevant to donor and constituat communication and engagement. A must read.

Good Stuff

Nonprofit Turns Fake Legs Into Limbs for Amputees in Ghana
Standing With Hope, a Nashville-based nonprofit, takes used prosthetic limbs, disassembles them and then sends the parts to clinics in Ghana to be custom assembled for patients in need.

Remember The Girl by a Love146 Supporter
Love146 is a nonprofit organization aiming to end child trafficking.

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