The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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How Sevenly Became America’s Most Social Small Business
Sevenly is a three-year-old social good apparel company that was recently named “Most Social” Small Business by the popular online publication, Mashable. The company teams up with nonprofit organizations and raises money for those causes through selling custom-made products on their site. Definitely an interesting read on the growth and prevalence of social business.

India Declared Polio-Free
The World Health Organization formally declared India to be polio-free on Thursday. Read how this great achievement was accomplished.

Joseph Kony is Back in the News: Do Teenagers Still Care?
When Invisible Children released Kony 2012 a couple years ago, the campaign went viral and roused a ton of support, particularly among younger cohorts. The organization was then entangled in some controversy and, like a pot of boiling water removed from a fire, the cause cooled down as quickly as it had heated up. With Kony back in the news recently (thanks to President Obama), the author of this piece takes a very fascinating look at nonprofit organization’s viral campaigns. A must read.

Stop Sending Aid to Dictators
An opinion piece by the director of NYU’s Development Research Institute analyzes the legacy of foreign aid and argues it’s time for a new philanthropical model.

Larry Page: I’d Rather Leave My Billions to Elon Musk Than to Charity
Find out why Google’s Larry Page would rather support serial entrepreneurs and disrupters like PayPal/SpaceX’s Elon Musk rather than charity. A very interesting read about innovation.

Nonprofit Marketing

Increase E-Mail Click-through Rates by 300%
Web application Zapier reveals how to increase your e-mail click rates by three-fold, in one very simple way.

2 Examples of Great Nonprofit Video Storytelling
Videos have been a pretty big topic in nonprofit storytelling, especially since Kony 2012 blew everyone’s minds with their beautiful videography and emotional storyline. Here are a couple other examples of great nonprofit videos.

5 Ways to Build Your Nonprofit Brand’s Buzzability
Nonprofit Hub has a nice list of recommendations to increase your organization’s visibility and brand engagement.

The 15 Minute Social Media Audit, Everyone Can Do
Yet another great post from the writers at Buffer. We probably all have too many social media profiles, and given they each take such time and dedication to run, doesn’t it make sense to do an audit to see which are most effective for your organization? Buffer busts out a step-by-step guide on determining which channels are worth your time, and which ones to leave behind.

Nonprofit Technology

NTEN: The Future of Technology
Right off the heals of the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference comes the spring issue of Change. THere are a ton of great goodies and articles about nonprofit tech in here, so take some time to read through the whole issue this weekend.

Why Nonprofit Professionals Must Embrace the API to be Successful Fundraisers
We take a look at the power of APIs in web design and the relationship between fundamentals of online fundraising to the capabilities of pulling real-time information to your site.

Nonprofit Discourse

Leave Your Charity at the Door
A fascinating and important opinion piece on the word “charity,” and why organizations should move away from the concept altogether.

Is there a Millennial Opportunity for Nonprofits?
Millennials are all the rage this year – a huge topic of discussion you can’t get away from on TV, on the radio, in tech articles, news articles, nonprofit blogs, on and on. This article explores the opportunities nonprofits have to capitalize on Millennials propensity to seek out more meaningful, creative work.

Good Stuff

WFP: Boys Speak Out on International Women’s Day
The World Food Programme – Asia put out this really cute video asking boys how they’d feel if they had to stay home and cook, etc.

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