The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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Google Flu Trends Failure Shows Good Data > Than Big Data
At the time, Google Flu Trends was an accomplishment in big data. An algorithm scoured years of web logs and searches to create a predictive model for flu outbreaks supposedly more superior than government models. However, the project failed miserably as early as 2009, when it completely missed a swine flu outbreak. A great read on how more data isn’t necessarily better – you just need good data to do good analysis.

Experimentation: A Shortcut to Innovation
The Stanford Social Innovation Review with another great discussion on innovation and what it takes to be a social innovator today. Experimentation and openness are the tickets across sectors and from small projects to big overhauls.

USAID, Partners Launch Lab to End Extreme Poverty
USAid launched a public-private partnership this week to tackle extreme poverty through technology and science-based solutions. The program includes a global fellows program for researchers and will be an effort of USAid, corporations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, universities and other organizations.

Good Stuff

Speak Your Silence presents The Stitch
Speak Your Silence is a nonprofit organization that helps and advocates for victims of childhood sexual abuse. They aim to conquer the stigma of sexual abuse and offer free counseling, among other services, to victims. Here is a new product-based campaign, called The Stich, they are launching to increase awareness around their cause.

16 Signs You’re Destined for the Nonprofit World
Are you meant for the nonprofit world? HuffPost chimes in with their classic .gif-infused post on the personalities of nonprofiteers.

Nonprofit Fundraising

3 Steps to Successful Spring Fundraising, Now
Here are three ways to get a successful, last-minute fundraising campaign going – just in time for spring!

Nonprofit Discourse

In Defense of the Handout
There has been pretty significant buzz recently around projects that offer “conditional cash transfers” to those in extreme poverty. The debate is fierce around whether or not they actually provide a solid foundation for poverty alleviation. Read this article, and then this one from SSIReview, which has an opposing view.

The Importance of Funding Collaborative Projects to Fuel Social Change
The need for partnerships, even within the nonprofit and development communities, is increasingly well-documented and argued for. Here is a great piece by Barbara Van Dahlen, the founder of Give an Hour, on how collaborative projects are needed to create lasting social progress.

TED: Bill & Melinda Gates
“Why giving away our wealth has been the most satisfying thing we’ve done.” In this TED Conference video, Bill and Melinda Gates discuss why philanthropy has become the core of who they are and what they pursue.

Can an Awards Ceremony be a Discovery Platform for Social Investments?
CLASSY Awards co-founder Pat Walsh writes about how the ceremony is driving social change by becoming a channel to connect growth capital with innovative organizations. A great read.

Nonprofit Marketing

Why Subject Lines Matter for Nonprofit E-Mail Marketing
Are you grabbing your supporters’ attention through your e-mail marketing campaigns or are you missing a big opportunity to engage your community? Read on to find out how to create great subject lines for your marketing campaigns.

How to Engage 5 Generations of Supporters
A great overarching summary of tips to engage every age group in your supporter base – from Baby Boomers to ever-mysterious Millennials.

How to Create Sticky Ideas
“Charities sell ideas…about how the world can be different.” Is your idea of the world sticky enough to engage long-lasting, deep support from donors and fundraisers?

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