The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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Apply to Medium’s “Storytelling for Good” Now!
Medium is an awesome and unique publishing platform that encourages community members to be active writers, thinkers and mentors. They have a huge following, particularly in the start up/tech community and are offering up an opportunity to receive a team of writers, photographers and illustrators to bring your nonprofit’s story to life. Every organization should apply to this great opportunity.

Online Charitable Donations Increased 14% in 2013
Mashable put out this beautiful infographic on all you need to know about online fundraising last year. From average online click-through rates to monthly donation amount, take a look at this great resource for some useful data on the state of the industry.

National Volunteer Month: Celebrating the “New” Volunteerism
Did you know that this month is National Volunteer Month? This article covers the importance of volunteerism, from its economic impact to the positive change it makes for our communities.

Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood to Participate in Charity Triathalon, Seeks Sponsorship
Radiohead bassist Colin Greenwood will be participating in a triathlon to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma research in support of his friend’s daughter, Scarlett. You can sponsor the star here.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Fundraisers Welcome Cryptocurrencies
You’ve probably heard about Bitcoin by now, but what about accepting Bitcoin for donations? Bitcoin advocates argue that the cryptocurrency could change the way we fight poverty because it allows for microcontributions, which can add up to a lot of money over time. What do you think about cryptocurrencies?

Why Fundraising is Fun
Any interesting take on the benefits of fundraising and the psychology of giving. Author Arthur C Brooks argues fundraising isn’t a “necessary evil” but actually a fun and important part of society since, on a great scale, brings meaningfulness to people’s lives.

Nonprofit Media

YouTube’s Most Viewed Ad In March 2014 Came From A Nonprofit
I really can’t stop thinking about or watching this Save the Children video since I came across in March, and I suppose that in itself is testament to its power. Amazingly, the video was also a most viewed ad on YouTube, demonstrating that even nonprofit organizations have the clout and ability to make huge impressions.

The Future of Social Activism
Posted on Pinterest, this is a great infographic on getting youth involved in social causes and what the face of activism will look like in the future.

Watch: Girls, A #NoCeilings Conversations
Hilary and Chelsea Clinton are hosting a talk with girls about girls on breaking the glass ceiling on women’s rights and equality.

Nonprofit Storytelling

Who Brands Your Nonprofit? Who Tells Its Story and How?
A great read from Nonprofit Quarterly on who actually owns your organization’s stories, what nonprofit identity means, and how to delegate the task of storytelling.

5 Stories Every Nonprofit Needs to be Telling
What aspects of your organization should have a story behind them? The answer is almost everything, but here is a great list of 5 places to start!

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