The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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Editor’s note:

This week, I’ve decided to scale back the number of articles presented in the Weekly Round Up to focus on some very interesting and relevant discussions that organizations might find useful and valuable in their everyday operations, or that a nonprofit professional might feel particularly tied to. From Salesforce’s efforts to better community to understanding the fundamental tenets of good storytelling, I hope you find these articles educational, empowering and motivating. Please feel free to comment with other articles you’ve found particularly interesting or relevant this week!

– Terri

The Benioff Doctrine
An excellent interview with Salesforce CEO and Founder Marc Benioff about the obligations tech companies have to give back to their communities.

Want Transformative Scale? Change the Conversation First
An interesting conversation started by Year Up founder Gerald Chertavian about scaling social impact and the components needed to make it possible.

How to Screw Up on Social Media
A list of anecdotes on what not to do on social media – a worthy read and take notes!

Asana: The Work Behind Your Work
As an avid Asana user and advocate I loved this article which explains how collaboration tools like Asana can vastly improve productivity and communications on your team. Get more done.

Giving to Charity Can Make You Feel Wealthier
Here is some great information to keep in mind while you’re crafting blog posts, asks and donation page copy.

The Holy Grail of Community Building
By now, organizations that facilitate peer-to-peer fundraising will know how important building a strong community around a cause. Although this example from Moz comes from the business world, the lessons ring true for building any type of community. A must read.

A Nonprofit in Queens Taught People to Code — and Their Incomes Soared
This is just a great story that highlights how education begets wild, life-changing opportunities. Also, this story is published on the young news start up, Vox, which is an awesome platform to experience on its own.

The Power of Storytelling: How We Got 300% More People to Read Our Posts
Buffer uses some of their personal blogging experience to explain why storytelling has an invaluable effect on a reader’s consciousness.

Being Good Isn’t the Only Way to Go
A very interesting opinion piece on why wanting to do good isn’t enough to deliver impactful results in our communities. A must read.

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