The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

Weekly Roundup
Fast Forward Accelerator Helps Nonprofit Tech Startups
You’ve probably heard of startup incubators like Y Combinator and Tech Stars, which have produced some of the most well known tech companies today. Now, check out the incubation model cross over into the nonprofit sector with the establishment of Fast Forward, which accelerates forward-thinking, nonprofit tech startups.

Online Fundraising Goes Mainstream
A good read of stats and trends relating to the state of online giving and fundraising.

Daily Chart: Modern Slavery
The Economist creates a graphic about the face of modern slavery today and puts into perspective its scale and scope. Two second read, well worth the knowledge.

Science Philanthropy
This podcast investigates scientific research’s relationship to philanthropy. With public funding declining, philanthropists have stepped in to provide private means to continue important research.

Missing: Rage and Grief in Nigeria

Why Do People Persist in Believe Things That Just Aren’t True
Using a recent study on Vaccination education as a basis for the article, New Yorker writer Maria Konnikova explores what it might take to reverse someone’s false beliefs.

UNICEF Wants Powerful Change with Useless 5 Cent Coins
A new video from UNICEF’s most recent integrated campaign for a brighter future for children:

Is December Really the Best Time for Fundraising E-Mails?
The end of the year tends to account for a large amount of donations to nonprofit organizations. Even though this is a very active time for fundraising, is it the best time to appeal via e-mail? Find out in this article from NP Engage.

10 Ways to Optimize Your E-Mails for Better Engagement
And speaking of e-mail, here’s a great infographic from HubSpot on how to optimize your e-mails to improve relationships and engagement!

6 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before I Built a Marketing Department
An incredible and truthful article from KISSMetrics that could very well help you determine how to approach marketing, especially if you’re just starting out. Great read.

International Directory of Verified NGOs Launching Early 2015
By 2015, you’ll be able to register your nonprofit with a .NGO domain name. Here’s how it came about, who is pushing the initiative and why it could be a great thing for your organization.

How Theory Can Help to Improve the Real World
A great article from the World Economic Forum blog on creating meaningful partnerships to exchange ideas and initiate change through theory.

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