The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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From the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s fight against poverty to social media to studies about online fundraising, we have lots to cover in this week’s Round Up!


Bill Gates’ Annual Letter – 3 Myths that Block Progress for the Poor

In this visually stunning and well-written letter, Gates,’ on behalf of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, details what he believes are myths hindering the fight against poverty: poor countries will always be poor, foreign aid is a waste and saving lives interferes with natural selection. Gates’ presents statistics, stories and videos to make his case. This is definitely a worthwhile read into one of the most prominent and prolific foreign aid foundations.

Bill Gates on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

$24,800 Will Go to Payton Manning’s Foundation for “OMAHA” Play at AFC Game

In last week’s round up, we mentioned how the 49ers-Seahawks rivalry ended in an amazing joint charity effort. In more football news, Payton Manning’s Foundation for at-risk youth will receive $24,800 for all the times he yelled “Omaha” at last week’s AFC championship game with the Denver Broncos. The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce organized the donations, which came from eight companies collectively pledging $800 for each time he called the Omaha Play – 44 times.

Florida Bill Proposes Sweeping Changes to Nonprofit Regulations

On Wednesday, Floridian State Senator Jeff Brandes introduced legislation that would require nonprofit organizations to disclose more information about their teams and practices, mandate audits for organizations raising more than $1 million per year and increase scrutiny of organizations spending a large portion of their donations on fundraising activities.


Bitcoin – Explained

You’ve probably heard about the elusive and mysterious “Bitcoin” by now, but because it is relatively new and somewhat abstract, it can be difficult to understand. This article is a great breakdown of what Bitcoin is and how it is being used now or might be used in the future. Take it with a grain of salt, however, since it is written by a heavy investor in Bitcoin.

I’ve included this piece in the weekly round up because Bitcoin transactions can be made for virtually no fee. This means they allow for something not possible with current payment and money transfer methods due to generally high transaction fees: micropayments. Even fractions of a penny can be exchanged and moved around, and these small transactions could eventually add up to a lot of economic velocity. Bitcoin might have some interesting implications for nonprofits both in terms of receiving donations and distributing aid.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofits Receive Poor Grades in Study About Online Fundraising

Here is a very interesting study done by fundraising thinktank, NextAfter, about what specific practices and strategic decisions are preventing nonprofits from being successful in their online fundraising efforts. Dunham+Company, a partner in the study, notes “[The report’s] new data, combined with research already showing that more than two-thirds of online transactions are being abandoned, makes us believe there are millions – if not billions – of dollars being left on the table. Virtually every charity could improve the online giving experience for its donors.” Definitely worth a read.

Personal Development

The Key to Intelligence and Creativity: Connecting the Dots

If you haven’t already discovered the Buffer blog, I highly recommend you do so immediately. They are an incredible resource for all things productivity, personal development, Lean Start Up principles, social media best practices and life hacking.

Social Media

Pinterest is More Popular Than E-Mail for Sharing Content Online

In their latest study, ShareThis declares: “Consumers are now ‘pinning’ things like articles, photos and recipes to share with their friends more often than emailing links.” Pinterest, which is currently valued at $4 billion dollars, is growing rapidly and will definitely be a valuable platform for nonprofits to become more familiar with.

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