The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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Happy Friday, nonprofit professionals! This week we have a nice mix of news and useful articles for your nonprofit organization, a couple valuable upcoming webinars and an awkward conference call.


The Real Super Bowl Question: Should The NFL Be A Nonprofit?

Did you know that the National Football League is a nonprofit organization? It’s ok if you didn’t, only 13% of Americans know it is. Besides, it may come as a surprise to a lot of people, especially considering the NFL rakes in more than $9 billion per year – which is, of course, tax exempt. This has sparked a fierce debate, chronicled in this Forbes article, about whether the League should be allowed to maintain their organizational status.

A Facebook Campaign Simulated Alzheimer’s, and It Will Stop You in Your Tracks

A campaign by a Dutch organization sought to give the general public an understanding of what it feels like to suffer from Alzheimer’s by tagging random Facebook users in photos at events they never attended.

Nonprofit Marketing

14 Inbound Marketing Myths Nonprofits Should Stop Believing

Hubspot is a leader in inbound marketing, and their advice is always worth reading. Any organization looking to boost their online presence, tackle SEO and attract new donors should give this article a careful combing.

The Six Things That Make Stories Go Viral Will Amaze, And Maybe Infuriate, You

The New Yorker tackles the viral content craze in this quick but informative read on what has made Upworthy so successful and the science behind shareablity.

11 Times Everyone on Facebook Changed Their Profile Pictures

Mashable does a great recap of viral Facebook campaigns that motivated people to momentarily abandon the selfie craze and altruistically change their profile pictures for a cause.

Social Impact

If Anybody Ever Tells You It’s Too Expensive To Solve The World’s Problems, Show Them This

A highly recommended read for anyone, Huffington Post article compares spending on leisure to the amount it would take to solve the world’s biggest problems. For example, the US spend $230 billion on golf every year, the same amount it would take to educate every child on earth.

Social Impact Bonds to Fund Program to Reduce Recidivism

Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick announced a social impact bond will go towards habilitate newly released prisoners in an attempt to prevent them from falling back into a life of crime and being rearrested. This is definitely an interesting read for those interested in CSR (corporate social responsibility) and the recent buzz around social impact bonds.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Click to Register for a Webinar on Producing a Great Run Walk Ride Fundraising Campaign

The active fundraising season is right around the corner, and now is the time to start planning your next campaigns. In this webinar, we’ll give you the tips and best-pracitces you need to produce a great run/walk/ride fundraiser, including engagement strategies, new technologies, and walkthrough of StayClassy’s new registration + fundraising event process.

Is There a Relationship Between Monthly Giving and Bequests?

Nonprofit consultant Michael J. Rosen offers some solid advice on the importance of attracting recurring donors and how to retain those donors.

Raising Your Capacity for Fundraising

Chief Development Officer for the Greater New York YMCA, Gary Laermer, writes about expanding fundraising capabilities through specific planning techniques and tools. He also recommends to keep supporters updated on your organization’s goals, strategies and progress.

Nonprofit Technology

Click to Register for a Webinar on Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

This webinar, hosted by NTEN, will be given by Yesenia Sotelo, who has been building nonprofit websites since 2001. She will help nonprofit organizations navigate Google Analytics to find the information that is most relevant to their site and how to utilize that information.


U2 premiering new charity single ‘Invisible’ during Super Bowl

U2’s frontman, Bono, is well-known as a philanthropist and activist. The new single is part of an advertisement for Bono’s (RED) campaign, which promotes HIV/AIDS prevention worldwide.

Conference Call in Real Life

I’m sure everyone can relate to the above video. Enjoy!

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