The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

We have lots of great resources for you nonprofit professionals this week – from the future of philanthropy to fundraising webinars – there’s something for everyone this Valentine’s Day.


Bitcoin Charity Admits Its Biggest Donation Ever Was Likely Stolen Money

Bitcoin has been getting significant attention for its incredible exponential growth in value over the last year. However, a recent uptick in hacks which resulted in millions of dollars in stolen Bitcoins has been bringing the cryptocurrency’s security into question. This is a fascinating article that looks at some ethical questions Bitcoin has been raising for the nonprofit organizations that accept them.

Chobani Donates Yogurt Originally Intended for Team USA to Food Banks

In another Olympic-themed story, Chobani, a yogurt company that sponsors the US Olympic Team, was unable to get over 5,000 cups of yogurt to Sochi in time for the games. So, while the company says they’re disappointed the Olympic Team won’t be able to enjoy their delicious dairy products, they’re excited to be able to provide nutritious food to local New Jersey and New York food banks.

Nonprofit Discourse

Revolutionizing Philanthropy: 3 Tenets for Nonprofits

This is a really interesting piece that argues the future of philanthropy relies on 3 things: cross-sector cooperation and investment, data and measuring results and maintaining a big-picture vision of change – a great and worthwhile read.

Women in Leadership at International NGO Say More Must Be Done

Did you know that women are at the helm of just 12% (yes, only TWELVE percent) of the largest NGOs in the US. The situation is barely better in the UK. The females in these powerful roles say the figures are concerning and more must be done to encourage and support women in pursuit of management and leaderships skills so they can overcome barriers in the system.

Was Carnegie Right About Philanthropy?

The New Yorker takes a very interesting look into the connection between philanthropy and real poverty alleviation in the US, chronicling giving since the 1960s, America’s biggest donors and the institutions they give to.

Source: The New Yorker

Nonprofit Fundraising

Podcast: Focusing on Small Businesses for Support

Watch Now Webinar: Gearing Up for Your Spring Fundraiser

Planning your run/walk/ride or other big spring fundraiser? This webinar takes a close look at what you’ll need to make it the best event possible.

7 Steps to a Successful Recurring Revenue Program

Implementing a recurring revenue program can catalyze and sustain growth at your nonprofit organization, especially if its properly branded and well-run year after year. Team Rubicon has some great advice on growing your recurring revenue program through a simple to understand 7-step process.

Nonprofit Technology

Could Google Maps Help End Poverty?

“Maps can be incredibly empowering.” Read how in this fascinating article about how the Indian government discovered an entire slum existed – just from Google Maps.

10 Reasons to Attend NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference

NTEN’s Technology Conference is coming up in March and its set to be a great event to get in touch with the nonprofit community, learn about new technology and tools and gain some inspiration for your 2014 strategies.

Nonprofit Marketing

Hubspot’s Nonprofit Marketers Guide to Millennial Personas

Hubspot does it again with their great guide on how to approach and engage the ever-important Millenial donor.

E-Mail Marketing Secrets from a Nonprofit Doing It Right

Liberty in North Korea sends out amazing e-mails – they’re engaging, informative, simple and easy to navigate. They gave StayClassy an inside look to how they approach planning their e-mail marketing campaigns. It’s great to learn from others!

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