The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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There is a lot of great news on nonprofit innovation out there this week, from start up accelerators incubating forward-thinking nonprofits to theoretical discussions innovation in social impact entities. Additionally, really good marketing tips and tricks from nonprofit writers and thinkers in the blogosphere, making for some very valuable reading.


Run Your Business Like a Nonprofit

You definitely don’t hear that statement very often! Forbes takes a look at the nuances of running a nonprofit and details why businesses might want to apply some of those traits to their own operation models.

Things We’ve Learned from Our Clients

Big Duck, a nonprofit communications consultancy, offers three important (and useful) lessons in effective communication that they’ve learned through clients over the years. A quick read with some life-long takeaways.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Troubling Numbers In Volunteer Rates

This article is a must read because it offers an excellent breakdown of the newest numbers and trends in event revenue and volunteer rates.

5 Takeaways from our Fundraising Community Webinar

A couple weeks ago we put on an informative (and fun) webinar about creating effective fundraising communities that support your cause year-round. Read five quick highlights from the presentation and then download it to get a step-by-step walkthrough of raising a strong community around your mission.

A Little Known Fact That Will Change How You Fundraise

6 universal principles that will change the way you strategize and execute your fundraising campaigns. A worthwhile read, especially if you’re gearing up for a spring fundraising campaign and are looking to come up with some fresh and creative fundraising ideas.

Nonprofit Marketing

6 Titillating Tips on Blogging for Your Nonprofit

As straightforward as it sounds – some useful tips for creating great and engaging content on your nonprofit organization’s blog.

Monday Mix – Social Media News You May Have Missed

Susan Chavez, a nonprofit communications and marketing consultant, does a great weekly round up of social media trends your organization should be aware of. The post makes sure you don’t miss a beat, so your social media channels never get lost in algorithm changes or left behind on some network’s latest feature.

Social Media Marketing Through Employees

Oh Hubspot! You are so good! Inbound marketing experts, Hubspot, offer up a great way to boost your social media presence and engagement just by leveraging the people who work with your organization. Employees that support your mission on their personal networks generate more genuine interest and interaction with your brand – find out why and how in this great read.

The Most Important Tool For Nonprofit Marketing

Another great article by Hubspot. Find out what the single most important tool is for your nonprofit’s marketing efforts – and then learn how to use it, step by step.


The Reemerging Art of Funding Innovation

I believe that success doesn’t only lie in how-to articles or reads on best practices but, rather, on a combination of practical solutions and in-depth analysis of trends and theoretical discourse. While Stanford Social Innovation Review does a great job of doing both, the latter is the focus of this article. An important read for any organization interested in the future of the nonprofit sector and social impact.

Y Combinator Backs Its Next Nonprofit

One of the most well known and successful start up incubators has backed the second nonprofit this week. Y Combinator accepted a medical nonprofit called Watsi last year, in a move that demonstrates a genuine interest in, need for, and support of forward-thinking and innovative nonprofits with high growth and social impact potential.

Good Stuff

Clink Charity Opens New Restaurant in Brixton Prison

Clink Charity was founded in 2009 by chef Alberto Crisci. The organization has opened three restaurants within prisons, with the aim to train prisoners in the culinary arts to prepare them for life after their release. The prison restaurants are open to the public – with all the standard security measures.

Seth Rogen Testifies for Alzheimer’s Research

Seth Rogen isn’t really someone known for his activism but, in fact, he is heavily involved in advocating for Alzheimer’s and runs his own charity, Hilarity for Charity. Here is his recent testimony in front of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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