The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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A New Video from Save the Children for their #SaveSyriasChildren Campaign
Watch a British girl become a Syrian child in this compelling video from Save the Children.

Ellen’s Oscar “Selfie” Earns $3 Million for Charity
Ellen’s selfie at the Oscars, which was crammed with other celebrities, was retweet three million times! Samsung, the maker of the phone with which the now-famous selfie was taken, is donating $3 million dollars to charity in honor of all the publicity. St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Humane Society of the United States will each receive $1.5 million.

Researchers Use Twitter to Track HIV Outbreaks
In an interesting cross over between public health and social media, researchers are using Twitter to locate HIV outbreaks. The research team says, “This study provides the first set of evidence for how real-time social media data might be used for extracting, detecting, and remote monitoring of health-related attitudes and behaviors.” Awesome!

Can Facebook Improve Education in Developing Countries?
Facebook is looking to go social – beyond networking – and bring education software and the Internet to developing countries. The social networking giant announced they’ve teamed up with Ivy League educators to bring the experiment to Rwanda.

Nonprofit Fundraising

March Madness for Giving
Who doesn’t like a little competition for a good cause? This organization takes advantage of March Madness to raise money for charity. Read on and play on!

Challenge the Decline by Learning to Love Your Donors
With donor retention an increasingly difficult task, here are some tips to keep supporters with you through passion, motivation and demonstrating progress.

What’s Happened Since Kony 2012?
Who doesn’t remember Kony 2012? The video that launched the campaign drew millions of views and millions in donations to help former child soldiers of the LRA (among other programs). Here’s an update of what Invisible Children, the organization behind the campaign, has accomplished over the last two years.

Nonprofit Marketing

Not Your Mom’s Donor Acquisition Plan
Here’s a useful and interesting guide on how to use your blog as a way to retain current donors and acquire new ones. A worthy read.

7 Inspiring TED Talks for Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Presence
If you’re looking for some new inspiration to share with your supporters (or for yourself!) check out these seven great TED Talks about social good, giving and productivity.


Using Business Savvy to Help Good Causes
Part of Time Magazine’s series “10 Ideas that Will Change the World,” this is an account of how specific business practices can help cause-focused nonprofit organizations scale and innovate.

STUDY: Use of Mobile Financial Services Among Poor Women
The Grameen Foundation recently released this report about how mobile financial services are affecting lower-income women in developing countries. If you’re engaged in poverty alleviation – or simply interested in innovative solutions to poverty – this is a great read.

Good Stuff

$600 Million Credit Program to Benefit Women Entrepreneurs
The World Bank is financing a new $600 million fund for women entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Goldman Sachs (I know, I know. It’s ok to be skeptical) will be floating $50 million of the fund.

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