The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

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Another week has flown by and we’re back with our new series, The Weekly Round Up! From LinkedIn’s grand entrance into the nonprofit world to tips on becoming more empathetic, we’ve got some nice reads, sounds and sights from around the web to learn and enjoy over the weekend.


LinkedIn Launches a Volunteer Marketplace

This week, LinkedIn unveiled its new Volunteer Marketplace –  a place for nonprofit organizations to post volunteer opportunities and allow altruistic professionals to connect with them. Do you think LinkedIn is an appropriate platform for such an exchange?

Nonprofit Fundraising

How a Nonprofit Raised 41K on Twitter in 24 Hours Without Trying

An amazing story about how an impromptu tweet turned into a flash fundraising effort.

49ers Join SF, Seattle Fans in Nonprofit Fundraising Effort

You’d never think it possible, but rival NFL teams and their fans have banded together, and for a great cause too! Sometimes you have to leave the jersey at home and focus on community (ok, you can still wear your jersey).

Nonprofit Tech

Indestructible Soccer Ball Brings Sport to Kids Who Need It Most

It’s always motivating to read stories of technological innovation and engineering that are changing the world. The OneWorld Futbol is changing the way kids are able to play and enjoy soccer.

Lightbulb Moments for a Nonprofit

The New York Times’ published this interesting account of D-Rev, a nonprofit organization that designs medical equipment for use in developing nations. Their interesting crossover into the for-profit worlds of manufacturing and distribution make for a thought-provoking introduction to the increasingly blurred lines between charity and enterprise.

Technology for Change at SXSW 2013

A little bit of an older find, but still completely relevant, this short clip is an inspiring bit about why encouraging technological innovation is so important in the fight for a better world.

Data Driven Nonprofit

Making Measurement Work in Large, Complex Organizations

Ah, yes, the ongoing and ever-evolving discussion surrounding measuring social impact. This is a great and informative piece for SSIR that discusses how complex organizations might start approaching the daunting task of meaningful measurement.

Nonprofit Best Practices

 Failure and Nonprofits

Another nice find from SXSW 2013, here is a quick conversation surrounding failure, why it’s o.k. and how to embrace failure as a catalyst for change and improvement.

3 Ways Leaders Can Listen with More Empathy

Empathy makes the world go round and it’s incredibly important for leaders to be empathetic people if they are to be effective influencers.  These are some great tips for leaders (or anyone in general) to listen with care.

Inspiring Media

The Drop Box

A beautiful and inspiring story about a Korean pastor dedicated to helping abandoned children.

Bikers Against Child Abuse

An unlikely face of sensitivity and love, this is a wonderful chronicle a nonprofit organization composed of bikers who look out for the children in their community.

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