The Weekly Round Up: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

Weekly Roundup

News and Discourse

Telling Stories with Humanitarian Data
Taking lessons from data journalism, UN-OCHA information management officer Andre Verity, shares his ideas about the role data can play in telling compelling stories.

Philanthropy Has More Intrinsic Benefits Than You Think
The Denver Post with a great article on how philanthropy really does solve a complex range of problems and benefits society as a whole in the long-run.

Strategic Philanthropy for a Complex World
An in depth look at how foundations should be approaching the future of philanthropy and why it’s important they shift their perspective, now.

Why Does Development Always Displace?
Interesting discussion about why progress tends to displace, with a specific focus on a current project that’s displacing three villages along the Indo-Nepal border. Here is a video that also has first hand accounts of the occurrence:

Mapping Three Decades of Income Inequality
Here’s a cool visual representation of how income inequality has grown, by state, since 1979. For more incredible and more in depth visualizations on income inequality, I’d recommend visiting this Washington Post interactive and then, this impactful data viz animation.

Nonprofit Fundraising

5 Reasons Why Nonprofit Crowdfunding Campaigns Fail
Take this as a lesson in what NOT to do when running an online fundraising campaign – some great and valuable tips in here. Give it a read!

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofits, 2014 is the Year of the Blog
Does your organization have a blog? Nonprofit Hub hopes so! Here’s a short, but valuable, article on why you should consider a blog if you already haven’t started one.

Should Nonprofits Give Up on Facebook?
The Great Facebook Debate rages on! Another take from the Social Fundraiser says you shouldn’t give up just yet. Also, make sure to check out our recommendations on how to combat and overcome the Facebook algorithm changes.

Want to Get the Most Out of Your Fundraising Efforts?

Posts from StayClassy this week:

Why Defining Your Nonprofit’s Culture Will be the Most Important Thing You Do This Year
Making a Killer First Impression on Donors
How to Encourage Word-of-Mouth Marketing
How to Identify and Respond to Fundraising No’s
No More Disparate Data: How Salesforce Changed Data for Nonprofit Organizations
Client Spotlight: OperationUSA Assists with Fire Relief Efforts in Southern California

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