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Weekly Roundup

Social Impact & Enterprise

Social Impact: Can it be Demonstrated? We’ve featured this article in a previous Weekly Round Up, but it’s a great lead-in for the articles that follow. Can social impact be measured? And, if so, what is its value?

Incubating Impact: Pairing MBAs and Social Enterprise An MBA program in NYC is dedicating resources to pairing students with social businesses to encourage “purpose-work,” also citing allowing such enterprises “access to top talent they might not otherwise be able to tap.” An interesting look at the infancy of a shifting economy.

Social Enterprises Have a Hard Time Landing Capital But speaking of social enterprises – buying into the movement might not be as easy as some entrepreneurs expect. Despite the rising popularity of social businesses, investors are still skeptical.

Bill Gates Asks, “How Would You Give Away 50K?” A couple weeks ago we featured a New York Times article on the Weekly Round Up about a philanthropy course at Northwestern University whose final project is to give away $50,000. Apparently, the article on DealBook attracted the attention of Bill Gates and he turned to his followers on Twitter to poll how $50K should be given to charity.

Hype Around NGO-funded Apps is Stifling Africa’s Innovation A really interesting look at Kenya’s tech scene, and why NGO-backed technology is creating a precarious environment for companies in the “Silicon Savannah.” Great read.

Why the World Needs Entrepreneurs Resident Entrepreneur at the United Nations, Elizabeth Gore, chronicles why entrepreneurship – as a skill and mindset – is critical to creating a better world.

Women in Leadership

Why Must We Pay Attention to Women’s Economic Empowerment? Not only does the world need entrepreneurs, it needs empowered female entrepreneurs to accelerate global progress.

Lean Out: The Dangers for Women Who Negotiate The playing field has yet to be leveled and equality in the workplace remains a challenge. This is a great piece by the New Yorker that discusses why and how the trendy “Lean In” approach to leadership exists within a harsher framework than we may have expected.

Policy & Change

A New Battle for Equal Education This week, a California judge ruled teacher tenure as unconstitutional, sparking an important conversation around both equal access to education and current quality of education, state-wide and nationally. Great read.

3 Ways the U.S.’s New Emissions Rules Could Help Change the World In another important – national – policy move this week the EPA ruled US power plants need to reduce their carbon polution by 30% by 2030. This article chronicles the chain reaction it could have for the environment, globally.

Good Stuff

World Cup Interactive Alright fútbol (soccer) fanatics. It’s time for the World Cup, so here’s your awesome mundial content for the week: a super interactive by the New York Times. Enjoy!

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