The Weekly Roundup: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

Weekly Roundup

Going off of last week’s theme to cover some current events in different cause sectors, we’ve put together a collection of stories from across the web that covers philanthropy, B-Corps, transgenderism and women’s rights, and affordable housing, among other things. If you have suggestions for great reads or topics to cover in the weekly roundup, Tweet us @StayClassySD. We’d love to hear from you!

Current Events

Embrace the Misery It has been a really difficult few weeks in the news. One writer on Medium tries to deliver some (unconventional) optimism to heavy hearts.

Quora: Does Bill Gates Get Too Much Credit for his Donation to Charity? Lots of awesome responses on this Quora question’s answer feed, including a nice infographic about Gates’ accomplishments. Definitely give this one a read! Read Quote of Fred Landis’ answer to Does Bill Gates get too much credit for his donation to charity? on Quora

Companies with Benefits The New Yorker takes a look at B-Corps and their benefits.

5 BAD Reasons to Start a For-Profit Social Enterprise After you’ve finished Companies with Benefits, read this piece by Rich Leimsider from Echoing Green, a nonprofit incubator for socially responsible projects, on the Harvard Business Review.

What is a Woman? Michelle Goldberg’s (very) controversial article on the contention between radical feminism, transgenderism and how the two fit into women’s rights.

Confronting Sexuality and Identity in China This showcase on the New York Times Lens Blog caught my attention after reading the Goldberg piece – this is an interesting look at gender identity in another part of the world.


Pop Up Housing Is pre-fab the future in affordable housing? YMCA thinks it might be.

Facebook-Backed NPO Delivers Free Internet to Zambia is about to embark in an experiment in delivering free, basic Internet services to smartphone users in Zambia.

The Rise of Data and Death of Politics If the big data revolution can solve societal problems, how does the role of government evolve?

The Future of Ice Coffee The tale and science of scaling – responsibly.

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