The Weekly Roundup: The Best in Nonprofits from Around the Web

Weekly Roundup
CLASSY Awards Stories
The Collaborative and CLASSY Awards make up one of the most inspiring weekends of the year. There are a ton of incredible organizations that attend, and award ceremony recognizes the champions of social progress.

Memorials Established for Priya Haji
Tragic news came this week when the social entrepreneurship world learned social innovator Priya Haji died suddenly on Monday. The 44-year-old started numerous social ventures and was a leader in pursuing initiatives that create a better world.

3 Ways to Engage Millennial Donors
A really great, spot-on article by Spark co-founder Kathleen Kelly Janus. Spark is a nonprofit organization that supports a wide range of global women’s issues.

Development and Fundraising AMA
Looking for answer to your fundraising questions? You might find some here in this Reddit AMA with development and fundraising professions from across the sector.

How Can We Feed a World of 9 Billion?
Oxford population biologist, Professor Charles Godfray, answers the question.

Helping Girls Worldwide Requires a United Stand
Monday was Malala Yousafzai’s birthday, and the second annual Malala Day. This is her oped in the Washington Post emphasizing the importance of being united globally for girls’ education.

Where Most Nonprofits Fail When Trying to Manage a Brand
A quick interview with The Brand Idea authors, Nathalie Laidler-Kylander and Julia Shepard Stenzel.

House Passes America Gives Act
New IRS laws that I won’t try to summarize in one sentence. A valuable read for any nonprofit organization.

INTERVIEW: How StayClassy Can Help Your NPO Fundraise
Salesforce consultants for nonprofits, Exponent Partners, interviewed our director of Business Development Mike Spear all about StayClassy’s all-in-one fundraising software!

Good Stuff

Grumpy Cat for Charity
Just like it sounds: celebrity cats appear in a video for charity.

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