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6 Tips to Run a Stellar Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

By Elizabeth Chung

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Peer-to-peer fundraising success is the sum of many parts, and the most successful campaigns tend to share certain elements. Many of these components center around well-designed, compelling campaign pages that move supporters to take action.

To boost your own success, we’ve compiled several tips for you to create and enhance your campaign pages. Because your results hinge on the success of individual fundraisers, we’ve also included tips you can pass on that will help them optimize their personal fundraising pages and hit their goals.

Tips for Your Campaign Pages

1. Align Your Campaign With Your Website

Marketers understand the importance of consistent branding across communications. They know it builds trust and also makes your organization more recognizable and memorable. You can apply this logic to your peer-to-peer campaign as well for similar results. When visitors hit your website and then click over to your campaign page, the experience should be a smooth, seamless transition that carries your branding through from start to finish.

Check out this example from Pin Cancer. Notice how their homepage and peer-to-peer campaign have the same look and feel, complete with identical colors and images.

Pin Cancer homepage
Pin Cancer’s homepage
Pin Cancer peer-to-peer fundraising campaign
Pin Cancer’s new Classy Peer-to-Peer Landing Page.

2. Connect Fundraising Goals to Impact

Donors want to see the difference their contribution will make, and fundraisers are no different; they want to know how the money they raise will move the needle for your organization. On your campaign page, demonstrate how fundraising totals will impact the people you serve.

In the example below, Okizu uses the Impact Levels on a Classy Peer-to-Peer Landing Page to showcase how various fundraising goals can provide different levels of support.

Okizu impact levels

When you provide this context, you not only show prospective fundraisers how their efforts make a difference, you also encourage them to set their goals even higher to make a larger impact.

3. Showcase Your Community (Leaderboard)

While peer-to-peer fundraising allows supporters to personalize their connection to a cause, it simultaneously places them within a community working toward a common goal. Within this group, fundraisers can discover and identify with others who share their passion. This can create a sense of belonging and determination to achieve milestones collectively. It’s up to you to heighten this sense of community for your supporters.

One way to do this is to highlight individual fundraisers on your campaign page through a leaderboard. Not only does this tap into social proof, it also shines a well-deserved spotlight on your top fundraisers. Beyond the individuals who’ve raised the most money for your cause, you could even give a shout out to your top teams or the fundraiser with the most donors, like Okizu does below.

Okizu top peer-to-peer fundraisers

Remind Fundraisers and Teams to

4.Describe Why They Are Taking Action

What is their personal connection to your cause? Why are they getting involved?

Ask fundraisers to answer these questions on their pages. The power of storytelling applies just as much to these personal campaigns as it does to your main campaign, so encourage supporters to use their fundraising pages to tell their own story as it relates to yours.

In addition to personalized text, remind them to use photos and videos to enhance their pages. Video, especially, is an important component of successful fundraising. Coach fundraisers on how to create a compelling video to connect with prospective donors on a deeper level, or provide a campaign video they can incorporate.

Note how this Barbells for Boobs fundraiser embeds a campaign video into her personal, Classy-powered fundraising page.

5. Provide Progress Updates

B4B peer-to-peer fundraiser page

Just as it’s important for your organization to update fundraisers on your campaign’s progress, your fundraisers should communicate with donors in the same manner. Encourage fundraisers and teams to post updates to their personal fundraising page as they work toward their fundraising goals.

peer-to-peer fundraising page, progress update

6. Thank Donors

A thank you is just as important as the ask, so remind fundraisers to show their gratitude. They can do this by commenting on the donation activity on their fundraising page.

It’s also a great practice for them to individualize their thanks, rather than repeating the same message to everyone. Check out how this fundraiser customizes her thanks to each donor.

peer-to-peer fundraising page, comments

Captains and members of fundraising teams should also comment on any gift activity on their pages, like a team captain for Operation Supply Drop does below.

team peer-to-peer page

Use these tips to build and enhance your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. Improve each of these elements on both your campaign page and personal fundraising pages, and you and your community can attract the support you need to achieve your goals.

The Anatomy of a Successful Peer-to-Peer Campaign

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