Classy’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

By Meredith Kavanagh
Reading Time: 3 minutes

At the close of the year, it’s only natural to look back and reflect on what you’ve accomplished—both professionally and personally. To jog your memory about the topics that nonprofit professionals were most interested in this year, we pulled the top 10 blog posts of 2018.

The most trafficked posts below are in no particular order, but demonstrate which areas of focus were most popular among those interested in the social sector. Check them out to see if you missed any of the top posts, or find out if your favorite made the cut.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

1. 23 of The Best Fundraising Ideas for Growth

Encourage birthday campaigns, focus on recurring giving, include virtual components to in-person fundraising events—these are just a few of the creative ideas your team can use to grow your nonprofit’s reach, maximize your impact, and engage your supporters.

2. 7 Nonprofit Management Tips to Develop Your Career

Whether you’re a student or thinking about a career change, explore your options with this post. These seven tips include items such as social impact incubators, volunteer opportunities, and corporate social responsibility programs.

3. 9 Email Templates for Your Annual Nonprofit Communications

Get a jumpstart on your annual planning and use these free email templates to plan the soft asks, touchpoints, and donor stewardship emails that round out your email strategy.

email templates

4. Facebook Fundraising: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

There was a lot of news about fundraising on Facebook this year. Access to Facebook’s 2.13 billion users? Great! Questionable security leading to fake accounts and lack of donor data? Not so great.

Learn about the potential concerns as well as the opportunities to weave Facebook into your fundraising strategy.

5. 13 Ways Working at a Nonprofit Is Like Star Wars

The number one way that working at a nonprofit is like Star Wars:

“You’re fighting a battle, and sometimes it really feels like good versus evil.”

classy star wars day

When your day job is tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges, a post full of Star Wars GIFs and nuggets of inspiration is a welcome reprieve. This quick read will remind you that your work is crucial and appreciated and that you’re a rockstar nonprofit Jedi Master.

6. What is the GDPR and How Can It Affect Nonprofits?

In May of 2018, a set of privacy laws called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect in the European Union (EU). The legislation put stronger protections on personal data of EU citizens and affects any business or nonprofit that collects, controls, or stores data. This applies to nonprofits as well as for-profit businesses and organizations that are located outside of the EU.

Read on to find out how the GDPR can impact your nonprofit.

7. 9 Nonprofit Emails That Actually Convert

“Welcome emails boast four times higher open rates and five times higher click-through rates than traditional emails.”

Whoa. Learn how to leverage welcome emails and then check out eight other types of nonprofit marketing emails complete with examples that get the job done.

8. 7 Tips to Master Work-Life Balance

This wouldn’t be a top nonprofit blog posts listicle without at least one post about how to achieve work-life balance. This post explains why healthy work-life balance is so important to your mental, physical, and emotional health as well your productivity at work. Use these tangible tips to write your New Year’s resolutions.

9. Giving Tuesday 2018: Donor Motivation Data You Need to Know

Ahead of Giving Tuesday 2018, Classy surveyed more than 1,000 American consumers on their charitable giving habits and the factors that move them to donate. Find out how personal relationships, current events, technology, political beliefs, and more impact charitable giving.

10. INFOGRAPHIC: Giving Tuesday 2018 Makes Philanthropic History

The annual global giving day in its seventh year absolutely crushed it. Giving Tuesday reported a nearly 40 percent increase over 2017 with a total of $380 million raised in the U.S. alone. Check out this infographic for all the details on this incredible day in philanthropic history.

giving tuesday infographic
Check out the full infographic here.

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