Top Nonprofit Builds National “Network of Networks” to Grow

By Ellie Burke
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In 2017, The Honor Foundation (THF)—a two-time Classy 100 honoree—grew their online revenue on Classy by 64.2 percent year over year.

The Classy 100 is a list of the top growing nonprofits on our platform. Of the four growth themes identified among the 100 by our team of data scientists, THF correlated with the tactic, “expand your geographical donor network.”

What was THF’s number one key to geographical donor network expansion?

Laser focus on our top 20 percent of donors and their broader networks.

Joe Musselman
Founder and CEO of THF

Using creative and high-touch engagement strategies, The Honor Foundation didn’t stop there. In 2018, they’ve already raised $3 million with a powerhouse three-pronged approach: events, grants, and individual asks.

According to Joe, “You can accomplish amazing things at the speed of efficiency, focus, and accountability.”

Achieve Similar Results

As Joe mentions above, to grow their organization, they focused on nurturing high-value relationships. In doing so, they were able to open doors and gain access to additional support from around the country.

While every nonprofit’s community is different, Joe offers the following advice for nonprofits looking to grow in a similar fashion:

The founder of any organization must set aside time to focus on their network. Re-evaluate this network monthly and then laser focus in on your top 20 percent. To create a national ‘network of networks’ you need to start small but think big. Make strategic calculated moves with your time, effort, and energy. Nonprofit growth takes 10 percent strategy and 90 percent execution—then re-evaluate the results and do it all over again, and again, and again.

Joe Musselman
Founder and CEO of THF

Want to learn more about the leadership strategies Joe employs to grow his nonprofit?

One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to growth. Check out the Nonproft Growth Guide below and gain free access to a list of nonprofits like you, 100 campaign examples, and a downloadable growth kit.

The Nonprofit Growth Guide

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