Classy’s Top 8 Nonprofit Webinars of 2019

By Will Schmidt
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Each webinar our team creates is designed with your success in mind. We want to help you level up your fundraising, understand the impact of industry trends, and find new ways to engage with your supporters. We also partner with some of the top minds from the nonprofit world and beyond to share their expertise directly with you.

We collected the top nonprofit webinars of 2019 from our calendar that will help your organization prepare for 2020. Each recording covers a specific area like:

  • Donor surveys
  • Campaign creation
  • Retention efforts
  • Recurring giving
  • Giving Tuesday
  • Data insights
  • Consumer trends

Download the recordings below and watch them during your downtime over the holidays.

Our 8 Top Nonprofit Webinars of 2019

1. How to Leverage Donor Surveys for Data-Driven Fundraising

You can use donor surveys as a tool to strengthen marketing efforts, streamline communications, or improve fundraising tactics. The important thing is that you create a survey which surfaces the right information, by asking the right questions.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to you’ll learn how to define your goal, compile target audiences, create questions, and conduct that perfect survey, complete with examples from other nonprofits. There’s also a downloadable asset that pairs well with this webinar, 100 Donor Survey Questions, to get your creative juices flowing.

2. Top 5 Fundraising Campaigns of 2018

Before diving full force into the New Year, take a look back and study some key lessons learned from the top five fundraising campaigns hosted on Classy. See what creative tactics made them top performers and get actionable insights to shape your own strategies.

You’ll see examples from different fundraising campaign types, like recurring giving, peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, donation pages, and registration with fundraising.

3. The Secrets of Successful Donor Retention

Did you know that the average nonprofit in the U.S. will lose over half of its donors each year? This retention issue means nonprofits have to work hard to maintain consistent fundraising activity throughout the year and raise more money than they did the previous year.

Fundraising expert Joe Garecht joins us to share his secrets for bringing donors back. In total, he provides seven essential principles of stewardship and retention, best practices for making donors feel like part of your team, and so much more.

4. 4 Recurring Giving Best Practices to Maximize Lifetime Donor Value

Recurring donors are five times more valuable than one-time donors, so make sure you’re investing the right amount of time into this segment. Our team surfaces data about recurring donor behavior in order to help you strengthen donor relationships and steward supporters to future efforts.

Additionally, we share real-world recurring giving campaigns to demonstrate how you can put these learnings to use. At the end of this webinar you’ll be empowered to recruit, convert, and retain more recurring donors to provide a sustainable source of revenue month over month.

5. Giving Tuesday All-Stars: 10 Stellar Campaigns to Learn From

On Giving Tuesday 2018, Classy nonprofits inspired 126,956 donors to raise $15.4 million in just 24 hours. For the sixth year in a row, we cheered on the top fundraising campaigns and compiled our observations on the common elements that were shared amongst the leaders.

Dissect the best practices, trends, and insights before learning how you can put it into practice and crush your next Giving Tuesday campaign. We’ll keep our eyes out for you in next year’s top 10.

6. The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019: Trends in Return Donor Behavior

In our second annual report, The State of Modern Philanthropy 2019, our data science team set out to explore how donors behave after making their first gift to your nonprofit. In total, they studied nearly 1 million transactions and over 15,000 fundraising campaigns to identify specific patterns.

Discover what makes a donor engage with your nonprofit in the first place, but more importantly, what brings them back for a follow-up action. In this webinar, you’ll get a full overview of the report and see actionable ways it can inform your fundraising strategy. Don’t forget to download your copy of the report as well.

7. Why America Gives 2019: 5 Consumer Trends to Watch This Year-End

We held a nationwide survey of 1,000 Americans to unveil key consumer giving behaviors, attitudes, and motivations. With the results, we created our second annual Why America Gives report, which can help nonprofits hone a data-driven approach to marketing, stewardship, and fundraising.

You’ll gain insights into how the 2020 election could impact giving, if donors intend to give to the same nonprofits again this year, what channel is simplest for people to give through, and much more. Make sure you download a full copy of the report to go along with the webinar.

These are top nonprofit webinars of 2019, but we have much more to offer outside of these eight options. Explore the full library of topics covered by clicking the link below, and best of luck in the year to come!

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