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How to Create a Compelling Fundraising Campaign Theme

This post is by Noelle Smith, an account strategist at CauseMic—Classy’s first Certified Strategic Partner in the nation. She outlines how to establish your fundraising campaign theme and provides examples to help you get started.

Design & Branding

5 Design Tips to Distinguish Your Campaign From the Herd

It’s essential that your fundraising campaign incorporate elements of good design to garner trust, grab attention, and incite action. What does good design look like though? We put together these design tips in an attempt to answer the question.

Donor retention handbook

AUDIOBOOK: The Donor Retention Handbook

The right donor retention strategy can save your organization serious money and help you grow and scale. Our Donor Retention Guide is now available as an audiobook so you can learn best practices on the go.


5 Ways to Streamline Nonprofit Team Fundraising

Team fundraising helps you hit higher fundraising goals, better engage your community, and bring in new supporters to your nonprofit. However, you have to make sure your team fundraising is streamlined to allow for the influx in support.


Newsjacking: What It Is and How to Do It

Newsjacking is the act of leveraging breaking news to draw eyes to your organization and cause. With the right strategy, your organization can use your own blog and social media channels to become a source your community looks to for timely information and commentary.

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