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Crowd of people celebrating Kesem's Giving Tuesday success

$1.4M in 24 Hours: Kesem’s Path to Giving Tuesday Success

In 2017, Camp Kesem topped the Giving Tuesday charts again and was Classy’s number one transacting client on November 27.  Their continued Giving Tuesday success is no accident, but rather the result of careful planning and thoughtful strategy.

not for sale nonprofit image

Use Storytelling to Reach 56.52 Percent Year-Over-Year Growth

Not For Sale is a nonprofit that works to eradicate human trafficking. Last year, they saw huge growth after switching their main campaign type and focusing on storytelling in their fundraising. Read on to see how they did it and learn from their success.


The Giving Tuesday Campaign Example You Need to See

A successful Giving Tuesday campaign requires certain thoughtful elements. To help you identify and wrap all of these factors into your page, we sat down with the customer success management team at Classy for their advice on how to design a stellar campaign.

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