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4 Donor Relationship Lessons From Outdoor Businesses

The outdoor industry has sustained year-over-year growth by building authentic relationships with their customers, and there’s a lot nonprofits can learn from them about building lasting donor relationships.

social media mistakes

8 Social Media Mistakes Your Nonprofit Should Avoid

In order to maximize your success across each social media channel and boost your online presence, make sure you avoid these eight common social media mistakes that can limit your reach and engagement.

5 Ways Online Fundraising Pays for Itself

5 Ways Online Fundraising Pays for Itself [GUIDE]

Learn how to account for all the ways online fundraising software will benefit your team and provide value, like time-saving features, automation, engaging donor experiences, and more.

A team of professionals having nonprofit meetings
Business, Technology, & Operations

How to Get the Most Out of Your Nonprofit Meetings

Your staff could spend anywhere between 6 to 23 hours in meetings each week. Make sure you’re hosting productive nonprofit meetings and working hard to not waste anyone’s time.

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