Get the Ultimate Guide to Recurring Giving [GUIDE]

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Hannah Durbin

Whether your organization needs to create a recurring giving program from scratch, or strengthen and grow its existing community, a well-developed program and strategy can protect the long-term financial health of your organization and help you scale. 

The lifetime value of recurring donors is 440% greater than one-time donors, which is why we’ve created a comprehensive recurring giving guide to help your organization build a predictable stream of revenue, maximize annual contributions, increase donor value, and boost donor retention. 

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In this guide, we offer actionable tips to questions like:

  • Who is the right audience for your recurring giving program?
  • What’s an effective way to launch your campaign?
  • How can you visually elevate your microsite?
  • What should you include in your email appeals?
  • How can you retain your recurring donors?

Recurring giving is a tried and true path to sustainability, but you have to set your campaign up for success. Our guide will walk you through everything from goal-setting to stewardship strategies, as well as pro tips on how to leverage Classy product features to convert and nurture donors.

Here’s a peek inside:

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This guide provides tips that will help you create an appealing and effective recurring giving program. Download The Ultimate Guide to Recurring Giving now to start building your roadmap to long-term sustainability and growth.


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