The Ultimate Pump-Up Songs Playlist for Nonprofits

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photo of lots of old albums
The work of social impact organizations is often serious, difficult, and even heart-wrenching. But it can also be fun and joyful. Music is one of the best medicines, no matter what your mood or cause sector. That’s why we put together a playlist of pump-up songs for nonprofit professionals, to keep them going when the times get tough.


To get a sense for what nonprofit pros are listening to, we reached out to them on social media to get their favorite tunes. We asked what inspiring and motivating songs keep them going through the good times and the bad.

Pop, Rock, R&B, and More

We received responses from all over the musical landscape.

Feeling Good, Dreaming Big

Unsurprisingly, many nonprofit professionals listen to inspiring tunes to pump them up.

Made for the Movies

We also learned that nonprofits LOVE a good movie soundtrack.

And we’re all missing the purple one…

The folks at VolunteerMatch suggested “Mountains” and “1999” by Prince. In fact, they sent us a whole list of their favorites!

So whether you’re ready to celebrate a win, get down and dirty in the trenches, or need a pick-me-up on a rough day, crank the Ultimate Pump-up Songs Playlist for Nonprofits!

And because Prince isn’t on Spotify…


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