VIDEO: 7 Entrepreneurs on Social Innovation

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Though social impact organizations have made meaningful progress, the social problems they address are often deep-seated, complex, and growing. When these widespread issues have not only existed, but evolved for decades—even centuries—the only way to truly move the needle is to take risks. The need for social innovation is bigger than ever.

Social innovation is the key to designing effective solutions for today’s challenges. But it doesn’t happen in silos. The only way to tap into our full creative potential is to link arms, share ideas, and build solutions together.

This is the environment that the Collaborative creates. At this upcoming conference in June, thought leaders across the social impact space will come together to exchange best practices, build connections, and celebrate success. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what the following leaders in social innovation had to say about the role of this event in solving the world’s most pressing challenges:

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