We Want to Know What #Classyis to You! Go Ahead, Don’t Be Shy

All last week, we’ve been sprinkling a trail of what Classy means to us throughout our social media channels. These are the words and organizations, among many, that inspire us daily. As we mentioned before, Classy means so much more than a new company name.

In any context, introspection forces us to come face-to-face with who we really are. We shed aspects of our old self. We gain a clearer vision of the future. Becoming simply Classy was a weighty moment that we couldn’t wait for you to be a part of.

That’s why we publicized our Ethos, the culmination of attributes we see in those we most admire. That’s you, your organization, your mission, your cause, your purpose, integrity, action, community and perseverance.

Along the way, many of you have joined in the conversation (thank you!) and shared what Classy means to you. The results so far have been both humbling and motivating.


#classyis unconditional friendship. So grateful for friends, near and far, new and old. And so proud of our new company logo and site! Tell is what #classyis to you: classy.org/classyis

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(And, by the way, these are just a few of so many other amazing posts. We were truly humbled and inspired by everyone’s responses! You can read them all here.)

We’d still love to hear from you! This month-long campaign is all about you. We want to celebrate the work you do, the passion you exude and the impact you make, both on those around you and on the world as a whole.

Go ahead, don’t be shy, tell us what #classyis to you and call out those organizations or people who have inspired and motivated you.


And, if you’re at Dreamforce this week, drop by our booth (Booth #1 in the Foundation Zone) to tell us what Classy means to you! (You might even get a Classy shirt).


Image Credit: Pexels

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