We’ll Be at NTC 2014! Will You?

Part of our team is heading to NTEN’s NTC conference in Washington DC tomorrow. We asked them what they’ll be participating in and looking forward to – here’s what they had to say! We hope to connect with you at the conference!

Scot Chisholm, Co-Founder and CEO
Mike Spear, Director of Platform Engagement
Sean Chisholm, Director of Marketing

Q: So you guys are off to NTEN’s NTC14 tomorrow. Are you excited?

A: Definitely! It’s always fun to meet up in person with the people you collaborate with remotely throughout the year. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to check in on what the nonprofit industry is thinking about, and how it views technology in general.

Q: What are you looking forward to most?

A: We’re going to have a much bigger presence there this year, and are teaming up with Salesforce, Idealist, Heller, and some of the other consulting firms we work closely with to really present a united front. We see an increasing trend among the leaner, more innovative nonprofits moving towards Salesforce to power their CRM. The secret hasn’t really gotten out yet to the more established nonprofits, but the shift is palpable. It’ll be fun to see how that trend continues at NTC.

Q: What Sessions will you be participating in?

A: We’ll be participating in 2: One on Friday being led by Idealist Consulting about the benefits of using Salesforce, and another on Saturday about year-round peer-to-peer fundraising communities. They’ll both be great, but I’m most excited about Saturday’s session as we’ll be joined by representatives from Team Rubicon and Action Against Hunger. We’ll have a good amount of time to present, and have some really fun things planned.

We’re also hosting an informal breakout session with Salesforce and roundCorner to talk about the future development of our platforms. And, of course there’s also the parties.

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Q: The Parties?

A: We’re sponsoring 2 parties on Thursday night. One with Salesforce, and of course the NPO Engage party, hosted by Idealist Consulting. This is the first year for the Salesforce party, but the Engage party was the highlight of last year’s trip by far. If there aren’t tickets left for either, come track one of us down during the conference, and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Q: What can attendees expect to get out of the sessions you’re hosting?

A: There’s a lot but we’ll be covering CRM and the how-tos and benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising. The concept of year-round peer-to-peer fundraising is relatively new in the nonprofit space – at least in the way that we think about it. It has some enormous benefits. Beyond increased revenue and donor acquisition, it helps avoid donor burnout, and generates much more predictable revenue than other styles of fundraising.

Q: What are some sessions you’re really looking forward to?

A: Outside of the ones we’re hosting? I really haven’t gotten a chance to look to be honest with you! I’m sure there’s some great content, but first and foremost, we’re there to meet with partners, consultants, and clients, so that takes priority. I’ll attend whatever sessions I can in-between those meetings, but it’ll most likely be a game-time decision.

Q: What do you find to be a few of the biggest takeaways from NTEN?

A: The biggest takeaways always come from the meetings, and random, on-the-fly conversations that happen along the way. I’ll have to keep you posted! I will say that one of my favorite moments from last year was striking up a conversation with some panelists at a session I was at via Twitter. We continued on all day talking about the challenges and triumphs of fundraising for less-popular causes like mental illness. I didn’t get to meet them in person until the cocktail hour that evening hosted by Care2. It was cool to see someone you hadn’t met at an actual event, and continue the conversation as if you’d been collaborating for years.

Q: What recommendations or tips do you have for an organization attending for the first time?

A: If this is your first year, my advice would be to have fun, keep an open mind, and engage in conversation with as many people as you possibly can. You never know who you’re going to meet, or what ideas, partnerships, or new opportunities will come out of it. And don’t sweat the schedule too much. The sessions are great, but you can find most of the content online after the fact, or by reading the Twitter feeds. The random conversations and meetings you’ll have are far more important.

Q: Anything you’d like to add?

A: Come meet with us! We’ve got a lot of exciting stuff going on this year, and we’re always happy to discuss, and do a little brainstorming. If you want to know where we’ll be at any given moment, you can view our schedule here, or hit us up on Twitter. We’re looking forward to a fun and productive couple of days.

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