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7 Reasons to Leverage Classy’s Giving Tuesday Resource Center


By Meredith Kavanagh

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Since its founding in 2012, Giving Tuesday has seen explosive growth with each year. What started out as a day that encourages people to do good, has evolved into a global movement and one of the largest giving days of the year. In 2019, $1.97 billion was raised on Giving Tuesday in the U.S. alone, with $511 million coming in through online donations. The numbers don’t lie: nonprofits should make Giving Tuesday a priority. What’s more, Classy offers a way for you to create a free Giving Tuesday online fundraising campaign.

To help nonprofits raise awareness and increase donations during the busy giving season, Classy compiled all of our Giving Tuesday resources in one handy place: the Giving Tuesday Resource Center. Read on to learn more about what you can find in the free resource center and why it’s the one-stop-shop the nonprofit industry needs. 

Already familiar with Classy’s Giving Tuesday resources? Skip straight to the good stuff and access the resource library now:

Why Should I Use Classy’s Giving Tuesday Resources?

1. You’ll Raise More Money

Classy nonprofits who engaged with our resources to prepare for Giving Tuesday earned an average of twice as much as nonprofits on Classy who did not use our resources. We’re not saying that Classy’s resource center is a guarantee of Giving Tuesday fundraising success, but it serves as a strong starting point for any nonprofit.

2. Access to More Than 50 Resources

Our team has been dedicated to helping nonprofits prepare for Giving Tuesday since 2012, and today we have more than 50 assets in the form of in-depth guides, actionable checklists, easy-to-use templates, and insightful webinars for you to leverage. 

A few of the assets that customers have found most helpful include:

To help you save time, we’ve compiled all of these assets in one easy-to-use place. Simply fill out the form to see the full list of resources and bookmark that page for easy access in the future.

3. Get Inspired by Examples of Successful Giving Tuesday Campaigns

Seventy-four percent of nonprofit professionals say they gain inspiration from fellow nonprofits. One of the best ways to inspire your nonprofit, your team, and yourself for the giving season is to review successful campaign examples from other nonprofits.

In the resource center, we highlight a few successful campaigns from 2019 to help your team find ideas for design, messaging, and engagement tactics. 

We also share in-depth case studies on how organizations like Camp Kesem and The Salvation Army have optimized their campaigns to raise more and increase engagement within their communities year over year.

4. Watch the Giving Tuesday Webinar Series

This year, we’ll have a dedicated webinar series covering some of the most important Giving Tuesday topics. Beginning on September 15, and running through November 3, we are hosting three webinars to help your team have a beautifully designed campaign that raises money and seamlessly transitions into year-end giving.

The topics are as follows:

  • Giving Tuesday 2020: How to Design a Standout Campaign on Classy
  • 3 Ways to Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns 
  • Giving Tuesday All-Stars: Creative Campaigns to Learn From

If you’re unable to attend the webinars live, then you can access the recordings in our resource library at any time.

5. Browse a Stockpile of Year-End Resources 

Twenty-six percent of Classy’s annual donation volume occurred from Giving Tuesday through December 31. Year-end is always a priority, but since Giving Tuesday falls on December 1 in 2020, there is even more urgency to make those remaining 30 days of the month count. 

That’s why this year we designated an entire section of our Giving Tuesday Resource Library to year-end giving. With the guides, templates, and blog posts in this section you’ll learn how to set your organization up for year-end success. 

For example, we show how important it is to turn your year-end campaign “on” the day after Giving Tuesday. This tactic can help steward your Giving Tuesday donors to potentially give again during the year-end fundraising rush. Additionally, you’ll get retention strategies and tips for how to write year-end emails that actually convert.

6. Stay Up to Date With Our Day-Of Giving Hub

For the last few years, Classy has hosted a real-time giving hub on the day of Giving Tuesday. This microsite offers the sector a dynamic view of fundraising action with real-time updates on donation totals, which U.S. cities are driving donations, individual donations, and the organizations raising the most money. 

It’s also a resource you can share with your supporters directly to show them the momentum generated by Giving Tuesday. That, in turn, may even prompt them to give again to your nonprofit, especially if it means landing your organization at the top of our “All-Star” list. 

top 5 giving tuesday organizations on classy illustration

2019 Top organizations by amount raised on Classy

7. Have Some Fun

We know that this is the busiest time of year for nonprofit professionals, and following the year we’ve already had, we could all use a break. That’s why we have a section with GIF posts, holiday quizzes, and quirky poems about the night before Giving Tuesday. 

Seth Meyers Let'S Go GIF by Late Night with Seth Meyers - Find & Share on GIPHY

Whether it’s your first Giving Tuesday or your eighth, there is always room to grow, optimize, and streamline the process. It’s our goal to help support nonprofits during this important time and we hope you can leverage these resources to have the most successful Giving Tuesday yet. 

Giving Tuesday Resource Center

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