Fundamentals of a Great Nonprofit Brand

By Allison Gauss
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Nonprofits often limit their brand to just their logo, color palette and a set of guidelines for their voice and outreach. In today’s competitive environment, that limited view of a brand is well, very limiting.

Your brand is so much more than your logo. Your brand is actually your promise to make your donors the heart of your organization Your brand is the experience you create, the personality you bring, the stories you tell, the messages you deliver, and the way you make people feel. Your brand should capture and communicate your mission and distinct culture.

Investing in the necessary tools is important to build a strong brand. Agile infrastructure and the right technology are must haves to maintain timely and effective communications with your donors and key stakeholders.

Purchasing new fundraising software is a big but important decision. Nonprofits must consider many factors including scalability, branding, integrations, and cost. When you add the prospect of an upcoming rebrand, many nonprofits are tempted to simply put off the decision. Many assume that they will have more time and resources for fundraising software once their redesign is finished. However, the software is just as important to your brand as all of the other elements.

A nonprofit’s brand has never been more important than it is right now. Delaying your integration of new fundraising software, or thinking of it in a silo, is unlikely to make your rebrand go smoother. In fact, it may impede the impact your new brand makes.

Adopting the right fundraising software before a rebrand can actually make the transition more seamless and effective. Find your best software early to improve fundraising now and launch your new site or brand with matching, more compelling donation pages.

Upgrade Your Software and Your Brand Simultaneously

Brand clarity and creating an effective brand experience can mean the difference between success and failure for your nonprofit. All the facets of your brand are critical to building donor trust and confidence in your organization. Because a rebrand or redesign can be such a big undertaking, some organizations assume that they shouldn’t make any other changes while they figure the process out. The idea is that they’ll finish their website or rebrand and then they’ll have time to think about fundraising software and research all their options. This instinct may be rooted in memories of the last time an organization launched a website when integrations and connecting applications weren’t as common.

The first problem with this outlook is that it limits your fundraising potential in the months leading up to the relaunch. If you know you need a better online fundraising platform, putting off the change is simply leaving money on the table.

Furthermore, even when your new brand or website is ready to go, your old fundraising software will still be clunky or difficult. Launching a new brand with old processes is like giving your car a new paint job without getting the engine repaired. It looks better, but you’ll have trouble getting anywhere.

Imagine you have just launched a website with your new brand and imagery. You tell supporters to check it out and they are inspired to give. But when they arrive at your old, generic donation page, they are disappointed or even confused. The wrong online donation process can undo all the excitement and enthusiasm you worked to build.

Upgrade Your Online Fundraising to Elevate Your Brand

Communication tools and channels continue to evolve. Your audiences are keeping pace with these changes. If you don’t evolve with your donors, you risk losing the important relationships you’ve worked so hard for.

Instead of waiting for your new website to launch, improve your fundraising experience immediately by identifying the best fundraising software. Why wait to start raising more?

Since you already have your old logo and images on hand, setting up these improved donation pages will be relatively simple. This means that in the months leading up to the redesign, you can have campaign and donation pages that match your old brand and improve the donor experience immediately.

Platforms like Classy allow organizations to make an unlimited number of pages. With this capability, you can get ahead of the game by creating campaign and donation pages that match your new brand as well.

fundraising software
With unlimited donation pages, you can improve fundraising now while preparing for your rebrand.

When your organization is ready to launch a new website with a new logo, you will also have matching donation pages that are ready to go. Visitors to your new website will move seamlessly from discovery to donation.

In fact, with the right software, you can make design tweaks that will make your website even more effective. For example, you can use APIs to put a peer-to-peer fundraising leaderboard on your new homepage.

fundraising software
Barbells for Boobs‘ website integrates information from their fundraising software.

Having donor-friendly, branded fundraising pages ready when you launch your rebrand allows you to capitalize on the excitement of people checking out your newly upgraded site. Think of your fundraising software as an essential step toward your rebrand or redesign. Incorporating the most effective fundraising software into the launch of your rebrand gives supporters a more cohesive experience, and shows that your organization has improved its processes, not just its look.

The Anatomy of a Successful Fundraiser
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Don’t Wait for Someday

Organizations will sometimes put off adopting new fundraising software because they are planning a redesign … at some point. They imagine that in six, 12, or 18 months, the future will be much clearer. Eventually, they’ll feel ready to adopt new fundraising software. Fast-forward six months and the website redesign is still just an idea.

Don’t wait for “someday,” take action now. If you can see that a new platform will help you fundraise more effectively, waiting for the day when your organization has it all together will just delay improvement. Agile, easily-branded fundraising software will allow you to fundraise smarter now and prepare donation pages to go with your new brand or website.

If you’re done waiting and ready to upgrade your software, experience Classy’s demo to see if we’re a good fit.

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