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New Survey Reveals 84% of Nonprofit Employees Are Satisfied In Their Roles [REPORT]

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Published June 11, 2019 Reading Time: 2 minutes

Why Did We Perform This Survey?

While Classy’s main purpose is to create modern fundraising software that helps nonprofits raise more money, increasing a sense of community and collaboration within the nonprofit sector has always been a priority for us too. It’s what inspired our co-founders to create our own social impact conference, the Collaborative, and it’s what led us to conduct a nationwide survey to find out how today’s nonprofit professional feels about their role and organization.

To achieve this, we surveyed more than 1,000 nonprofit employees (manager level and above) from around the U.S.. With the results, we created World-Changing Work: The Modern Nonprofit Professional’s Experience. This report examines the perspectives of nonprofit professionals on their current challenges, observations, and hopes for the future within the modern nonprofit landscape.

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What Did We Learn?

Among the many findings, we discovered that 84% of nonprofit employees are satisfied in their current role at their organization and aligned with leadership in their vision for their organization. But while they are generally content, nonprofit professionals recognize that there’s room for improvement. Some of their top concerns are around overhead costs, donor retention, and employee wages.

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The report also dives into topics such as:

  • Employee contributions: How many nonprofit professionals donate to the organization where they work? Are people in certain roles more inclined to donate than others?
  • Marketing: What are the top channels that nonprofit professionals rely on? What do they hope to use more of or learn more about?
  • Technology: Do nonprofit professionals think that their organization is technologically advanced? How does someone’s departmental role play into this perception?
  • Fundraising: What are the top fundraising methods? What are the top online fundraising methods?

Download the full report below to dig into these topics and more. Use these findings as thought-starters at your nonprofit to explore how it can empower you and your teams to operate better and have a greater impact.

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World-Changing Work

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Learn how top nonprofits use Classy to power their fundraising.

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