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The Top 8 Year-End Fundraising Resources for Nonprofits

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Published November 11, 2020 Reading Time: 4 minutes

Picture this: it’s the day after Giving Tuesday and your nonprofit has met or even exceeded your campaign goals. You might be thinking, “What more could we want?” How about another $10,000 in donations? On top of the influx of donations that come in on Giving Tuesday, there are still many donors looking to donate to year-end fundraising campaigns.

In fact, Classy data shows that Giving Tuesday is just the kickoff of the most lucrative time of year for nonprofits, with 29% of annual donations occurring from Giving Tuesday through December 31. What’s more, overall giving statistics show that 11% of annual donations happen during the last three days of the year.

So, brew another pot of coffee because it’s not time to turn on the holiday music and relax by the fire just yet. To help your team make the most impact with your end of year fundraising, we rounded up eight of our top resources for year-end campaigns.

Read on to learn more about each asset and then download so you can share them with your team.

8 Year-End Fundraising Resources

1. Year-End Fundraising Checklist

year-end fundraising checklist

The first step in planning a successful year-end fundraising strategy is to ensure your team is aligned on your goals, messaging, timeline, and the execution steps of your campaign. This interactive checklist will guide your team through the entire process, from goal-setting to campaign follow-up, and provide expert tips along the way.

Download the Checklist for Free

2. Email Templates for Giving Tuesday Through Year-End

Use these 16 free email templates to create an efficient email marketing strategy that will seamlessly steward newly-acquired Giving Tuesday donors to your next campaign, and appeal to supporters who didn’t participate in Giving Tuesday.

The guide includes an easy-to-follow timeline, the two email segments you should use, and expert tips on how to include design elements, engage donors, and write efficient calls-to-action.

Get the Email Templates

3. Year-End Email Appeals That Are Sure to Flop

Above we shared templates you can use to write stellar year-end emails, but it can also be helpful to see what we shouldn’t include. This blog post shares six different ways your appeals can inadvertently hurt your chances of earning donations. Read on to find out if you’re guilty of any of these mistakes so you can course-correct before it’s too late!

Read Now to Make Sure Your Appeals Don’t Flop

4. Strategies to Drive Year-End Fundraising Goals Through Employer Gift Matching

This on-demand webinar, with Classy partner Double the Donation, dives into how employer-matching gift programs can drive year-end giving revenue. We explore the prevalence of the matching gift industry and why most organizations are not taking full advantage of these programs.

Watch the Webinar

5. Email Templates for Nonprofit Annual Communication Plan

email templates for annual nonprofit communicationsThis guide provides email templates that will help your nonprofit develop a strong donor stewardship strategy. The emails cover nine touchpoints you can use throughout the year including holidays, year-end giving, sharing campaign progress updates and saying thank you to your donors.

9 Free Email Templates Ahead

6. The Playbook to 10X Your Year-End Giving

Co-hosted by Community Boost and CauseMic, this webinar shares how nonprofits can increase their year-end fundraising ten-fold by using marketing automation and digital tactics like Google Ad Grants, social media marketing, remarketing ads, and more.

Learn what your team can do to get your year-end campaign seen by more potential donors than ever before with the help of these nonprofit marketing gurus.

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7. How to Easily Unite Your Giving Tuesday and Year-End Campaigns

We know some nonprofits are afraid of donor fatigue if they send asks too soon after Giving Tuesday, but our platform data shows that the donor demographics are different for those who give on Giving Tuesday and those who give during the last five days of the year. By uniting your Giving Tuesday and year-end campaigns, you can make sure you aren’t leaving any donations on the table by appealing to all potential supporters. Read this post to learn how The Salvation Army Western Territory created a seamless transition from Giving Tuesday to their year-end fundraising campaign.

Unite Your Campaigns

8. How to Leverage Your Giving Tuesday Results in Year-End Messaging

By approaching Giving Tuesday as the launchpad of the giving season instead of one powerful day of giving, you can increase your donations and consequently, your impact. When potential donors see the success of your Giving Tuesday campaign, it acts as social proof that your organization is capable of reaching your goals and that you already have a community of dedicated supporters.

Are You Ready for Year-End Fundraising?

If your team is looking for more year-end fundraising tools, check out Classy’s Giving Tuesday resource center for access to more than 50 free assets. Is there any year-end topic you wish we covered? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Year-End Fundraising Checklist

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