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Year-Round Fundraising: Drive Participation with Creative Options


By Ellie Burke

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Whether you refer to it as DIY, evergreen, or year-round peer-to-peer fundraising, this revenue model is an essential strategy to engage modern donors and ensure your organization isn’t leaving any money on the table.

What’s great about a year-round peer-to-peer fundraising program is that it provides an ongoing stream of lower-lift revenue for your organization. While you can’t exactly “set it and forget it,” you can build a program that runs like a well-oiled machine throughout the entire year, no active campaign or large promotion necessary. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t work to amplify your results.

In this post, we’ll review this peer-to-peer fundraising strategy, how it generates income all year long, and additional promotional tactics that will boost your results.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising, Defined

Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns allow individuals to raise money on behalf of your organization. Instead of just giving a one-time gift, they can create a personalized fundraising page that allows them to present their unique story and connection to your cause. Then, they can appeal to their friends and family for donations, thereby introducing your organization to new potential supporters.

When you present supporters with the opportunity to raise money at any time of the year, for any personal reason or occasion—and it’s not necessarily tied to a campaign your organization is running—it’s referred to as a year-round peer-to-peer, DIY, or evergreen peer-to-peer program.

Why It Works Well

Year-round peer-to-peer fundraising offers supporters an impactful way to drive your mission forward—all on their own terms. Whether they leverage their own birthdays, athletic milestones, weddings, or other life occasion, they choose when and how they get to fundraise for your organization. The right fundraising software gives individuals the tools they need to quickly create beautiful pages that tell their unique stories, all while protecting your organization’s branding.

Boost Participation Rates With Creative Options

Part of what makes peer-to-peer fundraising so effective is the ability for a fundraiser to personalize the experience. To further promote personalization, your organization can suggest different ideas and reasons for someone to start a personal fundraising page. That way, fundraisers can not only tell their stories, but they can also tie the fundraising experience to a lifetime event or personal milestone, for which the options are endless.

What This Can Look Like in Action

To get your wheels turning, take True Colors Fund as an example. They have an entire page dedicated to their program on their website. The program also titles its different fundraising ideas as extensions of their brand, like “True Champions,” or “True Love.” By providing five categories of fundraising ideas with examples, True Colors jogs their community’s creative juices when it comes to their personal fundraising efforts.

True Colors Fund Year-Round Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page

When you click through any “Get Started” button, you land on a specific campaign page for that particular category. For instance, below is the campaign page for the “True Champions” category:

True Colors Fund Year-Round Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Page

What We Love About Their Page

  • Inclusive and wide-cast examples prevent individuals from feeling isolated or like this effort couldn’t apply to them
  • A playful GIF on the page provides an energetic element of fun
  • Handy resources ensure visitors have everything they need to get started quickly
  • An offer to get in touch if help is needed allows visitors to connect on an individual level

Complete with social media templates and tips, their free online toolkits provide everything a fundraiser could need to get up and running in a flash.

True Colors Fund Free Year-Round Peer-to-Peer Resources

Provide Your Own Resources
Download this guide and send it to your fundraisers to help them succeed
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Drive People to Your Year-Round Program Page

Once you’ve created your program you can connect it to specific initiatives to drive page visits.

To get started, identify a handful of times during the year that you might promote the option to fundraise. For example, you might launch an initiative that specifically asks supporters to start their own “birthday campaigns.” Through this effort, you can communicate the impact an individual would make by dedicating their birthday to your cause. You might also collect birthday information from your donors and follow up with them throughout the year to remind them of the opportunity.

In addition to any campaigns you run over the course of the year, your program should also be highly visible to anyone looking to get involved with your organization. Ensure that the option is easy to see and locate on your homepage. True Colors Fund has the option to fundraise available on the drop-down menu to their donate button.

You should also call attention to the fundraising option in your communications on a regular basis.

Consider where you can plug your program in your messages, even in small ways. For example, if you send ongoing communications to your recurring donors or volunteers, consider soft ways to include the option, like a small callout block in your email. Or, you can directly ask these groups to fundraise. In fact, All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response found that their volunteer-turned-fundraisers raise 18 percent more on average than the typical fundraiser.

Get Started

To kick-start your efforts, download the guide below. This free resource is chock-full of tips, and it even includes a checklist that will help you build out your program and get your new revenue stream up and running.

Create a Year-Round P2P Fundraising Machine

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