Why is there a charge on my card?

Who is Classy?

We process online donations and event ticket purchases that benefit NonProfit organizations across the country.

Why are you charging us?

The charge is a donation made to a NonProfit or a ticket purchase for an event benefiting a NonProfit organization that was made through the Classy online platform. Since we process payments for many different NonProfit organizations, unfortunately we can't customize the description put on your credit card statement specific to the NonProfit you donated to.

Still can't remember the charge?

If you still can't remember any recent donations you made, you may want to ask anyone else who uses the same credit card like a spouse or child. We've found that 95% of the time the confusion arises from someone else in the household making an online donation for their favorite charity.

Can we get a receipt for the charges?

Every time we bill you we send a receipt to the email address provided when the transaction was made. This receipt includes all the details of the NonProfit beneficiary and/or tickets to an event. You can access this information anytime by logging in and viewing your member donation report. https://www.classy.org/member/my-donations

How can I cancel my recurring donation?

If you are signed up for a recurring donation, you can modify or cancel these charges at anytime by visiting your account settings. https://www.classy.org/member/my-donations

Once you've cancelled you won't be charged again, but you are responsible for all previously incurred charges.

Can we get a refund?

You have 30 days from the time of your donation to request a refund. After this window, any requests will have to be made directly to the NonProfit organization.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please visit our customer support forum at support.classy.org for further details.