Recognized as one of the top youth soccer programs in America, the mission of Albion SC is not simply limited to excelling on the soccer field. Created last year, Albion 12 Foundation brings the concept of the 12th player to Albion SC. The Foundation provides a means by which existing members, parents, alumni, and outside organizations, can directly confer a benefit upon athletes and causes worthy of attention. The Albion 12 Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, dedicated solely to the funding of Youth Soccer Scholarships, Life Programming, and Facility Development/Operations for Albion SC. The Albion 12 Foundation’s primary mission is to recognize and support those youth athletes who demonstrate outstanding scholastic and leadership potential, or who demonstrate a compelling financial need to continue participation in Albion SC’s youth soccer program. Operationally, the Foundation will support additional training for our athletes, in the form of leadership seminars, athletic assessments, and counseling, all which will give a competitive edge both on and off the field. To this end, Albion SC and the Albion 12 Foundation, seek to expand the role of youth soccer to something much greater than simply on the field athletic training.