Marshall Peden
87 day(s) ago
Marshall Peden donated $5.00.
Can Yoldaş
96 day(s) ago
Can Yoldaş created a new fundraising page
kimberly pavel
101 day(s) ago
kimberly pavel donated $25.00. via Marlaria Sucks; Beat it! in honor of Toby Sullaway
Phil Potloff
110 day(s) ago
Phil Potloff donated $3,000.00.
Craig Schoof
112 day(s) ago
Craig Schoof donated $100.00. via Marlaria Sucks; Beat it!
Paul Naude
118 day(s) ago
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Matt White
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Colleen Miller
122 day(s) ago
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Slowtide ~
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Jeffrey Schwartz
123 day(s) ago
Jeffrey Schwartz donated $100.00. via Bauer Boys
Gabby Banatao
124 day(s) ago
Gabby Banatao donated $100.00. via Claire Bardin
"This is so great, Claire! Kudos for being such a wonderful, caring person! All the best, Gabby and the Banatao family PS sorry we are donating post-event. Hope you still get the recognition you deserve!!"
Jodi Tanenbaum
124 day(s) ago
Jodi Tanenbaum donated $50.00. via SurfAid Cup Malibu 2016 - Tad Keyser
Brian Smith
124 day(s) ago
Brian Smith donated $100.00. via Surf Aids Malibu Cup
Todd Roberts
Todd Roberts - Hey Brian, Thanks so much for the help on this... Love you guys
Sep 14, 2016 10:22 am
Tarin Gyermek
125 day(s) ago
Tarin Gyermek donated $25.00. via Jamie Schallek SurfAid Cup
"You got this!"
Keri Yale
125 day(s) ago
Keri Yale donated $50.00. via Tyler Vince
Charles Hitchcock
125 day(s) ago
Charles Hitchcock donated $50.00. via Would love your support
constantine dino dougenis
constantine dino dougenis - Thank you Hitchcock family! This means so much to me that you are supporting me and this really great cause! love you all, Dino
Sep 13, 2016 6:57 pm
Chris Cortazzo
126 day(s) ago
Chris Cortazzo donated $500.00. via Zen Gesner
"Great cause!"
Zen Gesner
Zen Gesner - Chris! Thank you for your extremely generous support for me, and SurfAid! I sincerely appreciate it!!!
Sep 12, 2016 5:59 pm
126 day(s) ago
Neil TARDIO donated $25.00. via Zen Gesner
Zen Gesner
Zen Gesner - Neil!!! Thank you, brother, for the support on this!!!
Sep 12, 2016 3:22 pm
Peter White
126 day(s) ago
Peter White donated $50.00. via Zen Gesner
"Congrats Zen, I'm a little late getting to this, but better late than never!"
Zen Gesner
Zen Gesner - Awwwe Pete!!! I'm so incredibly thankful!!! Let's surf soon!!! Love to the family!!!
Sep 12, 2016 3:02 pm