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The Classy API is a creative opportunity unlike any other. Use the power of the Classy platform to enrich supporter experiences, integrate with the tools you love, and develop a world best fit for your organization.

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Endless possibilities

An ever-expanding universe of opportunity

The Classy API is a complete reimagination of how social enterprises can drive their missions forward online. Although it's designed to get you up-and-running quickly, the API is also engineered as a launchpad for any need your organization dreams up.

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Custom Dashboards & Visualizations
Create custom charts, infographics, and dashboards that give your organization all the right insights.
Leaderboards & Visible Metrics
Add a competitive edge to your campaigns with leaderboards, supporter numbers, and thermometers.
Third-Party Integrations
Build custom integrations between Classy and other products or services you use and love.
Unique Supporter Experiences
Control your own signup process so a supporter never leaves your site or app to start a fundraising page.
Team Management
Manage your administrators and team members from other services and integrations.
Offline Donation Management
Manage offline donations with less hassle by importing offline donations in bulk.
More than 2,500 organizations use Classy’s online fundraising software to raise money and increase their impact. Join them today!