In Partnership With the United Nations Foundation

The CLASSY Awards recognizes the greatest champions of social progress.

The yearlong initiative identifies social impact using a comprehensive application and evaluation process, culminating in a weekend celebration that attracts the top leaders of the social sector.

Why the CLASSYs are Important

  • Our global social landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and bold solutions are needed to address new and existing challenges.
  • With the insight and participation of experts and institutions, the CLASSY Awards process introduces a new methodology for measuring social impact across causes at a global scale.
  • This methodology provides insight into the program strategies, outputs, outcomes and growth of these bold solutions relative to the problem being addressed.
  • Public availability of this information creates a data-driven environment that ultimately enables intelligent funding and support.
  • This environment is critical for the Leadership Council to determine the winners of the CLASSY Awards, the greatest champions of social progress.

CLASSY Award Nominees

  • CLASSY Awards nominees strive for monumental change, not incremental improvements.
  • They are big thinkers and bold leaders.
  • They understand the complexities and changing dynamics of our most significant social challenges.
  • They are problem solvers, introducing creative new solutions and technologies.
  • They are goal-oriented. They leverage best practices and research to guide their strategies.
  • They are data-driven and metrics-focused. They take risks, embrace failure, and have built a culture of learning throughout their organization.
  • Above all, CLASSY Awards nominees are the most significant catalysts for social progress.
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