2011 Winners

Troy Yocum

"My mom asked what Volunteer of the Year really means. I said I guess they are recognizing that we volunteered for 505 days in a row, with no break. A lot of people told us to take a break. I just felt, and still feel, like I want to continue on helping more and more people. I guess that's what Classy is all about." - Troy Yocum


Jake Wood, President, Team Rubicon William McNulty, Co-Founder, Team Rubicon Watch the presentation »

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Yocum is an Iraq-war veteran who just finished hiking 7,000 miles across America to raise money for struggling veterans and their families through the Wish Upon A Hero Foundation. He began his journey on April 17, 2010 and returned back home to Kentucky on September 3, 2011. Read more »

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