The 2016 Classy Award Winners

See all the Winners and Finalists who were recognized as the most innovative nonprofits and social enterprises at the 2016 Classy Awards.

2016 Winners

JANMA Clean Birth Kit ensures safe and sterile conditions during childbirth

Bridges to Prosperity  
Building footbridges to drive education, health care, & economic opportunities

Design That Matters  
The Firefly Phototherapy Device uses phototherapy to treat jaundice

Committing to end cataract blindess through surgical training

Lucky Iron Fish  
Ensuring the developing world has iron

Orbis International  
Reinventing global eye health world-wide

Using social media to register for the organ donor system

Project Concern International  
Satellite Assisted Pastoral Resource Management (SAPARM) uses

Safe Water Network  
A market-based solution to deliver reliable & afforable water

Elevating voices of marginalized communites through open source software

2016 Finalists

Akilah Institute for Women
Cultivating East Africa's female working class

Alter Eco
Designing compostable food packaging to reduce plastic in landfills

Using rats to detect tuberculosis

Barbells for Boobs
Providing access to breast cancer detection services for all

Bayes Impact
Deploying data scientists to solve social problems

Be Girl Inc.
Dignifying women and girls through adaptable menstrual products

Because International
Adjustable shoes that protect children from soil-transmitted disease

Initiating communities to support healthy and resilient water systems

Beyond 12
Improving college completion rates with an online and offline approach

A one-two punch at the water crisis & HIV/AIDS

Boys & Girls Club of Boston
Rethinking the role of social workers

Build Change
Building resilient urban houses in Colombia

Confronting urban challenges with leadership development & service

Ending wildlife trafficking with expert data analytics

Center for Technology and Civic Life
Open source tools improving data access to voters

Centro Community Partners
Entrepreneurship education for low income populations

A bold stance on water policy in California

Clean Oceans International
Turning polluted plastic into clean fuel

Clinica Verde
Prototyping an outpatient community clinic for maternal care

Coalition for Queens (C4Q)
Pathways for those who lack access to tech education and training

College Advising Corps
College grads fostering college-going cultures in high schools
Giving workplace democracy a leg to stand on

Crisis Text Line
Providing free mobile support for crisis situations

Drive Change
Using food truck workplaces to broaden employment opportunities

Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative, North America
Developing breakthrough therapies for African sleeping sickness

Emmanuel House
Converting permanent renters into permanent homeowners

Field Ready
Printing 3-D humanitarian supplies through local manufacturers

FilmAid International
Using film to inform, break down barriers & deliver strength

Fonkoze USA
Improving health infrastructure in Haiti through social franchising

FullCycle Energy
Pioneering waste-to-energy technology

Girls Who Code
Assembling the female engineer of tomorrow

goods for good
Developing businesses to care for vulnerable children in Malawi

Designing open-source ocean farms and sustainable farming practices

An all-terrain wheelchair to increase opportunities for mobility

Delivering on-demand tractors to farmers in need

Immunity Project
Working towards a free & accessible HIV vaccine

Strengthening local economies through peer-based business learning

International Bridges to Justice
Educating a new generation of global lawyers

Jail Education Solutions
A SaaS platform for the incarcerated

Karam Foundation
Customized aid addressing the real needs of Syrian families

Khushi Baby
Disrupting the mobile health industry at the last mile

Protecting land rights of communities through interactive mapping

Learning Equality
Open-source education that doesn't require WiFi

Libraries without borders
Developing businesses to care for vulnerable children in Malawi

Mama Hope
Mobilizing social entrepreneurs with passion, purpose & community-driven impact

Marine Conservation Institute
Merging science & human capacity to safeguard marine ecosystems

Match Education
Supporting young adults through low-cost college degree programs

Mind Research Institute
Teaching math visually to deepen conceptual understanding

Eradicating clubfoot with technology & collaboration

Mission Asset Fund
Providing zero interest loans to build and access credit

Nature and Culture International
Connecting habitats & communities to conserve a biodiversity hotspot

Nuru International
Integrated programming helping smallholder farmers escape extreme poverty

Oxfam America
Improving employee wages, policies & practices in the poultry industry

Integrating innovative data analysis for higher quality family planning

Partners for Care
A personal backpack for waterscarce communities

Pencils of Promise
A personal backpack for waterscarce communities

Plant with Purpose
Sustainable community development to reverse poverty & deforestation

Changing school culture through playtime curriculum

Delivering excellent healthcare for Nepal

Project Lead The Way
Transforming K-12 education through specialized curriculum and training

Raising The Village
Human-centered design to eradicate extreme poverty

re:focus partners
Making resilient cities a reality

Ending money-in-politics corruption through contemporary advocacy

Restructuring the digital global workforce

Search For Common Ground
Unifying Yemen to stand up against violence

Seeding Labs
Expanding scientific discovery with improved access to modern equipment

Sexual Health Innovations
Creating an empowering sexual assault reporting tool for colleges

Engaging the first mobile app for a zero-hunger future

Sierra Club
Reducing climate disruption through grassroots advocacy campaigns

Soldier On, Inc.
Transforming the lives of incarcerated veterans

Increasing America's access to the solar energy market

Spark MicroGrants
Providing seed grants to incubate community driven solutions

Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)
Helping women advocate and jumpstart business around menstrual pads

Tapestri, Inc.
Helping victims of trafficking rebuild a life without fear

Team4Tech Foundation
Bringing 21st century skills to the developing world

Telemed Medical Services
Removing barriers between patients & providers

The Adventure Project
Empowering mechanics to bring clean & sustainable water to African communities

The Counter Extremism Project
Igniting a global response to terrorism

The Future Project
Discovering the potential of young people in education

The Prison Scholar Fund
A path to success for incarcerated students

The Scripps Research Institute
Collaborating to discover and provide treatments against Ebola

Fostering community partnerships to drive sustainable farming in Haiti

Toilets for People
An open source approach to developing sustainable, composting toilets

Ubuntu Education Fund
Revolutionizing poverty alleviation with holistic & localized solutions

Venture for America
Fueling job growth in the US through entrepreneurship

Bringing entrepreneurial bootcamp courses to primary education

Village Enterprise
Bringing Silicon Valley innovation to East Africa

Women LEAD
Activating the next generation of female leaders in Nepal

World Concern
Holistic community development for hard to reach villages

World Wide Hearing
Providing better access to hearing in developing countries